Mary and Michael say Jared, but UD’s been going in a different direction.

To the question of the mole’s identity, UD takes a Shakespearean approach: Cherchez the bastard child.

True, Tiffany’s no bastard; but she’s close to it. She’s the much-overlooked fruit of his brief, disastrous, marriage-killing adultery with Marla. Kind of an embarrassment.

That is, he married Marla for sure, but it was dumb and he got out quick, but then there was Tiffany, who is no true Trump, and is treated that way. She not only lacks the sylphlike splendor of the legitimate line; much more tellingly, she actually seems to have earned her educational credentials.

Tiffany knows the law; she studied it at Georgetown. She knows just how evil Dad’s actions are. This and this alone might be able to destroy the patriarch of the family against which she has long harbored burning resentment.

‘I shall soon have made my fortune, and then I’ll kill everybody and go away.’

Trubu, the Genius of the Carpathians, Ada Doom — call him what you will (these are what we call him on this blog) — moves another step toward his obvious end: The limited nuclear explosion of Mar-A-Lago. As sure as Absalom‘s Clytie burns down her house full of devils and dolts, Trump hoards the codes in preparation for the nihilism to end all nihilisms.

He himself, like Faulkner’s Jim Bond, will flee the estate while family members and Trumpians burn within. He will head for Ted Kaczynski’s Montana hideaway, where, after some remodeling, he will settle in for his legacy years.

The 400 Nos

In this vintage New Wave film, rebel and disrupter Jean-Pierre Trump is questioned by various authorities on the subject of his law-breaking.

After refusing to answer any questions, he retreats to the Florida coast, where in the film’s last image he runs into the sea.

‘He finally got to the top of the world, and it blew right up in his face.’

Trump torches Mar-a-Lago as the feds move in.

“Very fine people”…

… on both sides of this photograph.

photo mti
This just in: Trump has issued a statement in response to the CIA killing of Al-Zawahiri: “Fucking CIA. Trying to take attention away from my golf tournament. Told you it was a trash agency.”

Trump claims CIA killed the leader of Al-Qaeda just to spite him.

‘Trump deserves life in prison’…

… says the daughter of the violent white supremacist just sentenced to seven years in prison.

To which UD says: Soyez tranquille, ma petite. One thing at a time.

Ada Doom Lowers the Boom

She saw something nahsty in the election results, and anyone who says boo about it will feel the wrath of her attorneys! She has announced today that she will sue CNN, which saw nothing nahsty in the election results, for QUADRILLIONS of dollars! Plus believe you me her attorneys are preparing OTHER LAWSUITS DEMANDING QUADRILLIONS from everyone else who doubts she saw something nahsty in the election results, or who doubts the election results were nahsty!

Asked to comment, Ada said:

I saw something nahsty in the election results.

‘The stolen-election narrative … doesn’t prevent the stench of failure from rising from [Trump’s] well-worn grievances, his whine of disappointment and complaint.’

No kidding. We wuz robbed Trump has transexualized into Ada Doom, the batty granny in Cold Comfort Farm, who obsessively says: I saw something nasty in the woodshed. I saw something nasty in the woodshed. I saw something nasty in the election returns.

This blog therefore now officially drops the moniker we have long given Trump, inspired by what Nicolae Ceaușescu insisted he be called — The Genius of the Carpathians — and adopts a new one: Ada Doom.

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