Chesa Boudin Falls Prey to ‘Assume a Can Opener’

Forcibly evicted by the citizens of SF, the city’s appalling district attorney discovers (no he doesn’t, and he never will; but the rest of us discover it again today) that acting on assumptions and theories rather than acting on reality is murderously stupid.


Nellie Bowles:

[H]e didn’t seem to care that he was making the citizens of our city miserable in service of an ideology that made sense everywhere but in reality. It’s not just about Boudin, though. There is a sense that, on everything from housing to schools, San Francisco has lost the plot—that progressive leaders here have been LARPing left-wing values instead of working to create a livable city…

[W]ith the smartest minds and so much money and the very best of intentions, San Francisco became a cruel city. It became so dogmatically progressive that maintaining the purity of the politics required accepting—or at least ignoring—devastating results...

Policy makers and residents largely embraced the exciting idea that people should be able to do whatever they want to do, including live in tent cities and have fun with drugs and make their own medical decisions, even if they are out of their mind sometimes. But then fentanyl arrived, and more and more people started dying in those tents...

[It’s] a sort of progressive-libertarian nihilism, …the belief that any intervention that has to be imposed on a vulnerable person is so fundamentally flawed and problematic that the best thing to do is nothing at all. Anyone offended by the sight of the suffering is just judging someone who’s having a mental-health episode, and any liberal who argues that the state can and should take control of someone in the throes of drugs and psychosis is basically a Republican. If and when the vulnerable person dies, that was his choice, and in San Francisco we congratulate ourselves on being very accepting of that choice...

During his campaign, Boudin said he wouldn’t prosecute quality-of-life crimes. He wanted to “break the cycle of recidivism” by addressing the social causes of crime—poverty, addiction, mental-health issues. Boudin was selling revolution, and San Francisco was ready. In theory.

But not in fact. Because it turns out that people on the left also own property, and generally believe stores should be paid for the goods they sell...

We tricked ourselves into thinking psychosis and addiction on the sidewalk were just part of the city’s diversity, even as the homelessness and the housing prices drove out the city’s actual diversity. Now residents are coming to their senses. The recalls mean there’s a limit to how far we will let the decay of this great city go. And thank God.


Don’t read the section on the school board unless you’re absolutely vomit-proof.


The thing on nihilism and congratulating yourself on your radical personal freedom morality when someone dies on the street dovetails wonderfully with the same contemptible shit deep in the far-right libertarian weeds… The same necrophiliac splendor… Congratulating yourself, really, on your corpse-love… (“In February 2021, at a corner in the lovely Japantown neighborhood, just a few feet from a house that would soon sell for $4.8 million, a 37-year-old homeless man named Dustin Walker died by the side of the road. His body lay there for at least 11 hours.”) On the right, excitement at the big bloody holes in place of children a truly superior sporting rifle can make; on the left, the same excitement at the big bloody holes fentanyl can make all over dead bodies in city plazas. I wish I were Cormac McCarthy or William Burroughs or Irvine Welsh or Anthony Burgess or John Fowles or hey even Jonathan Swift so I could begin to be adequate to the blood-soaked hard right/hard left orgasms of this my beloved country. So many of our teenage massacrists spent all their time, before they picked themselves up out of their chairs, getting off on exactly this via unspeakable video games. No gun restrictions for this country. The pleasure is too deep, and lots of our senators either share the bloodlust or would never think of getting in its way.

Murdered law professor’s probable killer finally charged.

For eight years, police have been trying to prove that Charles Adelson had Dan Markel killed. Anyone who followed the appalling story of a man killed simply because he wanted to share custody of his children knows that the evidence has always pointed to the brother of Markel’s ex-wife, but authorities only recently had sufficient proof of the conspiracy. Now a trial can proceed.

Pathetic Psycho Creeps.

To be sure, they’ve got the weapons to deploy. But it seems increasingly important to call the Russians exactly what they are.

A bittersweet finish for Oberlin College and Gibson’s Bakery.

It’s been a long sit-down, but an appeals court has topped off the college v. bakery court case with a flourish: Gibson’s will indeed be served an abundant money feast from Oberlin (background here). So: bitter for Oberlin, sweet for Gibson’s.

The main miscreant in the matter, a VP at the school who sicced a student mob on an innocent local bakery (screamed all over town it was racist, organized a boycott, when all it did was confront a shoplifting Oberlin student), has moved on to generate her own particular form of magic at Oglethorpe. No doubt she is as we speak scanning commercial life in Atlanta to find a cafe against which she can organize a student mob. The obscenity she staged at Oberlin will cost the school thirty mill; here’s hoping Oglethorpe has a large legal payout fund.

Five fetuses found in a federal flat. Now riddle me, riddle me, riddle me that!

It’s all about defending the dignity of the unborn.

This is why men should be kept out of politics.

They are hysterics. Their emotions overwhelm their ability to make sense of things.

This scene – from the American Senate – is a real embarrassment for the country.

And as for Ted Cruz…

Sung to the Tune of You Can’t Get a Man With a Gun
Mother Russia was robbed by us fellas they say.
That's why we've got such wonderful yachts.
Give a little to charity?  No, nyet, and nay!
 We're spending each ruble we got.

 We docked in Ibiza, but then they said 'ey, please-ah:
All di Rusos get out: bye bye! 
Then we pondered it - Hum... hum... Where is the place for pond scum?
And the answer was clear: Dubai!

... Yes, Dubai!  Yes, Dubai!
For there's nothing too vile for Dubai!
Ukrainians die and our money piles high
Come one and come all to Dubai.
Next week, Les UDs, in all their innocence…

… leave Garrett Park to go shelling on the Delaware beaches, while everyone knows that the real shelling action in that state lies within the nondescript buildings in Wilmington that house shell companies from around the world.

People are beginning to be aware of this because of all them Russky oligarchs in the news.

For the state of Delaware, these small [incorporation] fees add up to as much as 41% of the state’s entire revenue. In 2019, they collectively amounted to $1.4B...

Adopted in 1899, the Delaware General Corporation Law “reduced restrictions upon corporate action to a minimum” and promised to maintain the most hospitable business enclave in the nation — a place where corporations could frolic in the open fields of capitalism, unencumbered by income tax, bureaucratic policing, and shareholder litigation.

As we frolic ‘pon the open early spring fields of sand, all around us the open fields of capitalism sprout another astounding bumper crop for wee Delaware and we are so oblivious. It’s all secret, see, so even if we wanted to shake the sand off our feet and take a serious look at Delaware’s incomparable tax haven we couldn’t.

Delaware and Nevada are two of the jurisdictions where it is the easiest to obtain the anonymous companies money launderers like best. Those states are in fact significantly less transparent than famous tax havens like the British Virgin Islands... Delaware and Nevada have not just risked the rest of the country, they have risked the entire world. They have tunneled a gaping hole in the domestic laws of any country concerned with preventing corruption, fraud, tax evasion, drug trafficking, terrorism, and all the other ills facilitated by anonymous shell companies.

Here’s one guy who at one time had a slew of Delaware shell companies:

On 2 November 2011, [Victor] Bout was convicted by a jury in a Manhattan federal court of conspiracy to kill U.S. citizens and officials, delivery of anti-aircraft missiles, and providing aid to a terrorist organization, and was sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment. Since June 2012, Bout has been held at the United States Penitentiary, Marion.

This guy must be itching to help Putin’s war effort!

Same idea as the writing featured in the post just below this one.

[The British government sought] to find a way to make sure that Chelsea could continue to function, roughly as normal, once Abramovich’s other assets were frozen. The players, the staff and the fans — especially the fans — must not suffer, the government said. A few hours earlier, Russian artillery had shelled a maternity hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine. But the government was clear: The sanctity of the Premier League could not be sullied...

His arrival marked the start of what will come, in time, to be thought of as soccer’s oligarch age. It was Abramovich, as noted last week, whose arrival kick-started the inflationary spiral that has fractured European soccer beyond repair, with only a handful of clubs hoarding all of the wealth of the game, ruthlessly stripping its natural resources for their benefit...

Soccer’s age of the oligarch is over. This time, there can be no excuse for failing to understand what the game has become. On that, we have clarity.


This was four years ago, laddies.

She recently made the hop to Hopkins…

… presumably gearing up to accumulate her next million, when her former employer, the University of Maryland, finally got wind of her alleged two decades worth of theft while she worked for them.

Amusingly, her new job is in the field of ethics… But anyway I guess they read the papers at Hopkins, because her university page there has been Page Not Founded.

If precedent’s anything to go by, she and her lawyers are desperately seeking an AWP (Addiction with Poignancy) for her. Scuzzy unsanitary stuff like meth is out; usually what these people come up with is gambling.

Duce! Duce!
The leader of Italy’s far right does love him some Putin. The far right in lots of countries – including of course Trump’s America – does love it some Putin.
My OTHER Putin shirt!
Not L’il Monaco!

What’s left?

L’il Luxembourg?…

Oh raaaahlly. Oh “concerns about applicants having acquired their wealth illegally.”

How very …. timely of you to have begun worrying about this. Perhaps if you’d worried about it decades before you let in hordes of Putain whores, you wouldn’t now be faced with this… urban renewal project…

An increasing number of Russians began to move in during the 2000s after the introduction of the so-called “golden visa” scheme allowed wealthy people to enter the UK if they invested at least £2m and Chelsea’s billionaire owner, Roman Abramovich, moved the club’s training ground to nearby Cobham. The government axed the visa scheme earlier this month amid concerns about applicants having acquired their wealth illegally.

Who can be surprised that FIFA, world’s most disgusting international body…

… finds Russia a perfectly acceptable soccer team? I mean, why not… ? What’s the problem… ?

Well, the main problem is that all of Russia’s opponents refuse to play them.

What is Sepp Blatter’s (the song is ended, but the melody lingers on) FIFA going to do?

Netrebko says she’s just a dummy, and Abramovich gives millions to Yad Vashem.

Putain’s money whores and fascist whores are scurrying like тараканы, seeking a safe place under the sink while the… unpleasantness… in Ukraine works itself out. A longtime, active supporter of her idol’s Russian aggression throughout Europe, the opera singer now declares herself “not a political person,” and begs to continue warbling. Look what they’ve done to my song, Vlad!

Chelsea football owner Roman Abramovich has tended to get lost among the much more insane and violent Putainists in European football (Ivan Savvidis, Putain-lover and would-be referee-slaughterer, I’m looking at you!), but now he’s handed control (he retains ownership) of the team to others, and hopes that transferring millions of Putainist dollars to Yad Vashem (ethnic cleansing cleansing) will save him. On the dead bodies of Jews, I shall rise like a phoenix.

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