February 16th, 2019
“You can take our PICture! You can take our PICture!”

UD, on this brilliantly sunny and quite cold late afternoon, was standing at one of her front windows idly looking out, and coming down the street were three elaborately costumed girls telling whoever was listening that they could take their picture.

She opened the window.

“So I can take your picture?”

“Yes. You can take our picture.”

“Hold on.”

UD got her phone and went outside. She asked the girls to pose between her two bulls, Ferdinand and Isabella. “You all look great. Birthday party?”

“No. We just decided to dress up.”

April 29th, 2017
La Kid Puckers Up…

… beside a wall of kisses
at Budapest’s Anker’t nightclub.

She hopped over to Hungary for
the weekend. You can do that
sort of thing when you live in

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