Don Giovershowitz In…


With a stop like this, you worry about the well-being of…

… the drug-sniffing dogs. Or are they like I love the smell of cocaine, THC, methamphetamine and MDMA in the morning!

Mais où sont les kasowitzes d’antan?

As the president’s current lawyers line up for inspection, UD floods with nostalgia for erstwhile Trump attorney Marc Kasowitz who you have already forgotten existed, damn you, but UD will never forget this man, and she insists you go to this page to recall a time… and what a time…

Betelgeuse close to…


Dershowitz sex case closed.

I’ve disproved it more than anyone’s ever disproved an allegation… Nobody in history has ever disproved a case as convincingly as I have.

America’s Game

Sports are games, but like virtually everything else in this culture, they’ve been transformed by capital into something deeply unfun. [Aaron] Hernandez left high school early to attend the University of Florida, where football is both religion and an industry… [A]n autopsy showed … that he was suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the degenerative neurological condition the NFL doesn’t want you to think is the logical consequence of playing football… For his crimes, Hernandez went to prison, where he lost his life. The billionaires who pay men millions to damage their brains for television audiences? They’re the ones getting away with murder.

Kim Ghattas on the “Black Wave” in the Middle East.

The darkness that engulfed the region … was described by the Egyptian film director Youssef Chahine as a black wave that had come from the Gulf and swept the region, shrouding women in black as the use of the Saudi-style abaya and niqab, previously unknown in countries like Egypt, began to spread. Dozens of Egypt’s beloved and famed actresses gave up low-cut dresses and big hairdos to don the niqab, with encouragement and alleged payment from rich Saudis. In 1985, a small minority of books published in Egypt were of a religious nature. By 1995, 85 percent of books on show at the Cairo book fair were religious.

In Lebanon, the black wave came from Tehran, as Iran began to export its revolution. The chador, the all-enveloping black cloth, spread in Shia villages and in the southern suburbs of Beirut. It had been previously worn only by deeply conservative women, mostly wives of clerics. Liquor shops were closed, music disappeared, the black flags of mourning for Imam Hussein, one of the most revered religious figures in Shia Islam, fluttered from lampposts, and the slogan “We are all Khomeini” was scribbled on the walls of posh Beirut shopping streets. The flags, the chador, the niqab, the sectarian hatred, and the threats of apostasy all shaped a new collective consciousness that is only now being challenged by the younger generation.


Burqa/niqab bans in Western countries are a crucial form of support for this challenge.

Eventually the forces of fanaticism will recede. The swaddled masses yearning to breathe free will breathe.

Ya gotta admit:

It makes for GREAT viewing. And this is only the teaser!!!!

Background here.

Oh Gstaad, Poor Gstaad…

… the Sackler Family’s Back and I’m Feelin’ So Sad…


The original.

“After staking out the site, a cop allegedly spotted [Andrea] Grocer letting her bowels loose out of the door of her 2018 Lincoln MKX SUV just before 7 a.m.”

A top of the line $50,000+ SUV! Once again, mes petites, you must admit that there’s something pretty great about a country where even our serial public shitters can afford to drive the biggest and the best.

“A virtual dream team of rape culture.”

Samantha Bee reviews the president’s defense team.

Adam Schiff says Alan Dershowitz is not a “reputable” constitutional lawyer.

But hyuk I mean if you’re gonna go down that road re Jeffrey Epstein’s BFF…!

‘[L]aptops in most lecture courses harm both their users and many others. Our professors, as facilitators of our learning, have a duty to make the hard choice and, in that specific context, ban them. It’s time to close the lids and open our eyes.’

The remarkable spectacle of university students reminding their professors of their basic pedagogical responsibilities continues. This Emory student has done more than most professors – he has reviewed the now-extensive literature on the vile effects of laptop use in most college classrooms, and he has arrived at the obvious conclusion. As have many responsible professors. But so many others who continue to allow laptops – are they lazy? cynical? – have not.

‘Multiple Punches Thrown, Player Picks Up Chair To Hit Someone WWE-Style During Wild Brawl At The End Of Kansas-Kansas St Game’

Life of the mind, USA.

American Burqa
Gun rally, Virginia.

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