La Kid takes her front row center seat this very moment…

…. to watch Beetlejuice on Broadway. She is – as her photo indicates – inches away from the madness.

Don’t know if this is for real…

… but it looks as though Epstein has indeed succeeded in packing up his troubles.

Suicide, which people famously call a permanent solution to a temporary problem, was in Jeffrey Epstein’s case a permanent solution to a permanent problem. As his fellow suicide, David Berman, put it, “the dead know what they’re doing when they leave this world behind.”


Confirmation by the New York Times.

A rather less than satisfactory outcome to his personal eugenics/eternal life scheme.


I guess this is what they call Suicide Watch at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan. Maybe at the Correctional Center “Suicide Watch” means you watch inmates commit suicide.

Here’s an immensely important witness/criminal who apparently tried to hang himself not at all long ago, and now presto? Really?

So either incredible neglect at the jail, or he bribed a guard, or he was killed (way unlikely, but conspiracy buffs will put this one forward for sure)…


Will this take the pressure off Dershowitz, Richardson, Mitchell, Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell, Les Wexner, Glenn Dubin, Ehud Barak, and all the other cronies, pimps, and playmates? Chais pas, mes petites; chais pas.

But franchement, I kinda doubt it. Epstein’s lurid fate has intensified the global light being shined on him and his buddies.


And away we go!

Or, as Lady Bracknell might put it: “To fail to kill yourself in a federal lockup may be regarded as a misfortune; to succeed mere weeks later looks like carelessness.”


[S]tatistics show far and away, more likely to commit suicide are pretrial detainees and within the first few days or weeks of their detention … And that’s exactly where Jeffrey Epstein was. It’s only been a couple of weeks, if that, since he was held without bail. Since he had his bail hearing and bail was denied, but far and away, detainees, people awaiting their trial, and particularly people charged and convicted of sex offenses are at high risk of suicide, more than prisoners who have been convicted and serving their sentence, at supermax or minimum security.


Bernard Kerik is gobsmacked JE was in solitary; his opinion piece strengthens my suspicion that Epstein paid off a guard.

Sheep down the lane from our house in Upstate NY.
Taken by Joanna Soltan.
Lunch with my sisters yesterday at the Otesaga Hotel…

… in Cooperstown. A beautiful rainy late afternoon.

View near our table overlooking Glimmerglass Lake.
Rather mystical feel to it all.

Photos, Barbara Roberts.

In Oneonta, NY…

… doing family things. Back to blogging in a couple of days.

UD’s Saturday in New York City…

… featured a very exciting performance of Fille du Regiment at the Met, with Javier Camarena hitting all those high C’s, and even giving us an encore of the famous aria. The audience went absolutely wild.

To add to the thrill, our performance went out live to theaters . And this was a first for ol’ UD – at the end of the performance confetti machines up in the rafters rained the stuff down on us.

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