April 12th, 2024

Don Wilson he pulled out his cock.

At his rich flow of pee he did gawk.

‘Dear Lord, what a man!

Piss a bucket I can!

Now what did I do with that Glock?’

April 9th, 2024

April 5th, 2024
The ArmaLite doesn’t fall far from…

the tree.

April 3rd, 2024
‘[T]he rate of firearm fatalities among children under 18 increased 87 percent from 2011 to 2021.’

87’s amazing. But let’s go for a hundred! You’re not going to kill scads of our kids as long as the number of guns in private hands here is a mere four hundred million plus. Our under-eighteen cohort will only be shot to death when there’s at least one gun in easy reach everywhere in this country – school, home, church, car, playground, public transportation, airports, campus, boardwalk, amusement park, zoo, corporate office, library… Handguns need to be liberally sprinkled about for teenage suicides, gangbangers, and the criminally insane to get hold of instantly.

I’m not worried about the private home or the high school. Guns are already strewn about with abandon at many of these locations. I’m more worried about places like airports, where they actually search you for guns.


True, airports do a poor job of screening for weapons, but technology is improving all the time. The one thing we have going for us is significant increases in gun purchases. More guns, more deaths by guns, and this under eighteen group is arguably our most fertile killing field, because a lot of them are really young and they don’t even realize what’s happening when they find a gun and play with it by killing their sister. It’s simple to think of tons of scenarios like that among toddlers and the like, and all you need is negligent gun-strewing parents, which describes millions of Americans.

March 29th, 2024
Utah: Something Special in the Air!

While [a snowboarder] was filming his run, [Keith Robert] Stebbings [of Brighton] is seen [in a video] standing in his path while holding a shotgun. As [the snowboarder] gets closer, the homeowner can be heard saying, “Private property, you (expletive).”

During the confrontation, Stebbings, 67, can be seen pushing [the snowboarder] numerous times, while also pointing the shotgun at the snowboarder and saying “if you do it again there will be holes in you.

… [A] later investigation found that there was no private property signage at the residence.

March 28th, 2024
‘Estep says his demeanor wasn’t frightening and that customers were smiling and waving to him.’

See the lunatic with body armor and the AR-15, honey? I want you to smile real big at him while we walk by him out of the store. Now don’t walk too fast or look scared! Just be natural and walk normally and he’ll leave us alone. Okay?

March 25th, 2024
What’s a University For?

[Professor Francis] Quek told the officer who visited with the witness, according to the arrest report, that he normally uses the [faculty] lounge to practice with his [fully loaded] handgun and that he had not had any problems in the past with people walking into the lounge.

Quek’s reward: Texas A&M has put him on paid leave, so … He shoots, he scores! No teaching, at full salary!

March 18th, 2024
Three separate shootings in one hour. “This is a safe community,” says mayor.


Always having to dust this off.

March 15th, 2024
Glorious Spring Break…


March 14th, 2024
‘Now, two separate juries have taken the unusual step of holding a parent criminally responsible for a child’s horrific crimes.’

Yep, when the little bugger grabs one of the guns lying around the house and maims/slaughters all over his school, you get to go to jail too.

March 14th, 2024
Of course there are no surprises here. But it’s useful to get empirical confirmation.

Gun laws and regulations are among the most impactful policy factors [in college choice], with 80 percent of students saying these are at least somewhat important in their college choices, and 84 percent of those said they prefer campuses that restrict firearms… Reproductive healthcare policies are [also] a significant consideration, with 71 percent of students citing its importance to their college choice. Of this group, eight in 10 prefer states with fewer restrictions on reproductive healthcare. 

It’ll be interesting to watch enrollment trends in, for instance, Idaho, with utterly unrestricted gun laws and utterly restricted abortion laws. Ob/gyns are fleeing the state as fast as their specula can carry them. Let’s see how many female applicants find that attractive.

March 8th, 2024
For two months now, Greek soccer matches have been played in empty stadiums.

That’s because for decades Greek fans have been killing people and torching cities and all. The hapless government thinks a temporary pause and some more security cameras will bring Peace in Our Time, but this latest scheme will work out just as well as Chamberlain’s. I guess it’s real hard to confront the only thing to be done with a significant population of nihilist shits: No. More. Soccer.



Since that’s way rad an idea, let me say a bit more about pre-modern and postmodern crowds, and how they’re making crowds themselves obsolete.

The Greek football fans generate primitive, pre-modern crowding, all about atavistic drives among men. We had one of these recently in the States — the mass shooter at the Super Bowl victory parade was just, you know, hormones, spoiling for a fight.

Any scenario that surrounds fundamentally aggressive men with other young men will bring out the AK47 (that’s new — primitive cavemen had rocks), or, outside of gun-drenched USA, knives. And not just random young men: It was a signal cultural moment when the sixty year old owner of a soccer team got angry and ran onto the field during a game, with a gun in his outstretched hand to kill a referee.

You understand – yes? – the message Savvidis sent to all random hormoned-up young men? What I’m doing is a highly charismatic act.

You make matters worse when you present these people with established ‘enemies’ – opposing domestic or foreign teams. They don’t have to – like the Super Bowl shooter – go looking for enemies. You’ve set up a war for them to fight in, collectively, cuz they’re part of… a crowd.

And it’s an all-male, all-young crowd, right? Didn’t use to be, but over the years women children and older people have arrived at the conclusion that Greek soccer stadiums are not conducive to longevity, let alone a fun afternoon. So now you’ve concentrated the scariest element of society into loud sweaty excited rageful quarters.

So Greece is simply farther along in the evolution toward the end of crowds: It has watched for decades as its soccer matches – increasing numbers of them – devolve into fatal violence. It has tried everything, including, indeed, the end of crowds. The country is coming off of a two-month moratorium on soccer attendees.

But now that they’re letting these incredibly dangerous groups of people back in, what do they think is going to happen?

So, you know, we’re getting the stern announcements about enhancements of the police state they’ve already set up in the stadiums – vast numbers of security cameras, police, mandatory digital identification, weapon checks, blah blah.

Will it work? Keep your eye on Miami’s spring break. It’s happening right now. Those crowds are so awful that Miami released this ad a couple of weeks ago, and has made clear that it does in fact want the total end of those crowds. We don’t want you. Don’t come here. AND here are all the police state goodies we’re throwing at you if you come anyway. Let’s see if it works. Might make the guys madder, you know.

Anyway, so Greece. So what was once supposed to be A GAME, a certain thing, a sports gathering, is now – you understand? – a kind of lord of the flies free for all held perilously in check by insane levels of surveillance technology plus a very large, very frightened, security force. The players are scared, and not just the ones dreading racist chants. The referees? Forget about it. You know that groups of them have gone on strike because of the attacks.

So my thing is who’s kidding who. Eventually it won’t just be Savvidis packing heat. Obvious escalations of an already lurid situation are on their way, and we know from security’s inability to stop a mass shooting at the Super Bowl parade that guns are too quick and easy and lethal to police.

Think security will find weapons and confiscate them? Haha. Check out how many smuggled guns are discovered every day at all of America’s airports. People are always trying, and think about how many guns the TSA isn’t finding.

When crowds become impossible, what are your choices? You can try identifying and excluding the evil doers, but you’ll never get them all, and of course they’re evil enough to figure out how to get into the stadium no matter what you do. You can get to North Korean levels of police state apparatus, I guess (lines of soldiers with guns pointed at the crowd throughout? torture chambers below the locker rooms?), but this won’t be very… pretty. No, UD is thinking that Greece (and other countries) will have to shut down the whole thing.


Our highly advanced postmodern crowds are a whole other thing. It’s their innocence that gets you. They are sitting ducks, awaiting the Las Vegas shooter, the Prague shooter, the Highland Park shooter. They are gathered to enjoy a concert, a parade, or just a sunny afternoon on the campus of Charles University. Massive, extensive, the highest of high-tech firepower rains down upon them from a heavily fortified genius who has thought everything out to guarantee he’ll be able to shoot for a long time and kill a lot of people.

I don’t think American parades or outdoor concerts have a very long shelf life either.


Oh, and on the subject of Greek violence — We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the petrol bombs being thrown at police, even as we speak, in opposition to the government’s shocking intention to allow private universities to operate freely in Greece.

Yes! What’ll they think of next? Private, as well as, public universities!

Most Greeks are in favor; over 40,000 of the smartest young Greeks currently study abroad, having fled the squalid corrupt national system. (Put Greece university in my search engine.) Competition might wake up the dead public campuses and reverse the brain drain, but who would want to do that?

March 4th, 2024
Sadomasochism in Myrtle Beach

Where else? It’s long been one of America’s most twisted locations. Nothing surprising here.

Shooting pledges with air guns, making them eat butter with dirt on it and making them drink bong water led to a Coastal Carolina University fraternity’s five-year suspension … [A] first-year student pledging the fraternity was injured after being shot multiple times with an air gun as part of the group’s initiation process… [He] was shot twice in the head, twice in the stomach and multiple times in the back… [The] student sought medical attention in the following days for headaches and hearing difficulty… Shortly after, he received texts from some of the fraternity members, including one who allegedly told him to “keep the frat’s name out of your mouth,” according to the report. The pledge withdrew from the university on Jan. 9, 2023, for medical reasons.

March 4th, 2024
Judicial Temperament, Oklahoma

 [Judge Brian Lovell] was arrested for reportedly firing a gun at five cars, then ramming his SUV into the back of a woman’s car twice. [He] then attempted to push the woman’s car into oncoming traffic.

March 4th, 2024
Late at night, cram hundreds of people into a dark shed in the middle of nowhere, and let men with guns roam free.

It’s the sort of scene you associate with SS massacres, but our own West Point Mississippi offers just this scenario every Saturday. Y’all come down.

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