Thank God we finally have…

… an “adequate supply” of AR-15s for the general population here. When Colt announced it was discontinuing them, UD worried that there might still be inadequately supplied pockets of America; but Colt assures us that it has carpeted the country in consumer rifles and will now concentrate exclusively on the “military and law enforcement.”

I guess I should believe them, but I’m concerned that my own little town of Garrett Park, for instance, may not in fact have its quota of semi-automatic rifles in case of guerilla warfare or a fascist overthrow.

Note to UD: Talk to the mayor.

There’s another problem with what Colt has done. Right now the weapons advantage seems on the side of the criminal and the insane; won’t this new policy shift the balance?

Fun and Games near Colorado State University…

… with everything a 22-year-old pisher needs to own to make an evening special:

[A] military-style AR-15 carbine, a Remington pump-action shotgun, a Springfield .45-caliber handgun and a Glock 34 9 mm semi-automatic handgun with a mounted flashlight and 17-round magazine.

But that’s not all: Tequila!

[One roommate,] who started drinking earlier in the day, took four shots. [The other] drank six shots.

They were playing, or whatever, with all these toys and one of them, a 21-year-old CSU student, ended up dead on a bed who knows how? A night of madness that turned to sadness much too soon.

Birth Control in Tarrant County, Texas

The parents of a 4-year-old boy who was fatally shot Sunday, apparently by his sibling, won’t face charges, police said… The child was one of three who were shot Sunday in Tarrant County. Arlington police were investigating two shootings — a 6-year-old boy who was shot in the head by his brother and an 8-year-old girl who was wounded in what police were investigating as an accident.


As usual, everything’s better in Texas! Took Indianapolis eleven days to shoot three kids.


The failing NASCAR (to use whozit’s favorite phrase for the New York Times)** seems to have decided that big scary ads for AR-15s and AK-47s are alienating the few people left at their races, and the gunnies is pissed, man. Sandwiched between images of huge tits and dead-eye snipers, this editorial is way steamed about NASCAR’s sudden rejection of assault rifle ads this racing season – and if you put this together with Beto’s thing and the letter all them corporate leaders sent to the Senate, things are looking a bit on the shitty side for those who like to pretend they are part of the Tet offensive.

** NASCAR’s failing cuz it’s boring when no one dies. (“Pretty soon there will be 50mph speed limiters, mandatory turn signal usage, and spring loaded bounce bumpers. NASCAR has become a joke.”)

The NRA is in private talks with Hamas to discuss their options.

Hamas has reportedly called the NRA’s lawsuit strategy “a mistake,” and urged instead that they focus on strengthening the charitable arm of the organization.

Are we going to tragedify away Marsha Edwards’ gun violence?

She killed both of her adult children – and then herself – with a gun (or guns) she had in her house. Why did Marsha Edwards have guns? The police are saying very little – not about guns, or a final note, or substance abuse issues, or psychiatrists… With the exception of one neighbor who apparently called her a “very, very unhappy woman,” we got nuthin. We got lots of the use of the word “tragedy,” and lots of Give God the Burden, which UD finds mighty odd for a double murderer. Of her own children.

What is it about some women who kill? UD‘s reminded of ol’ Amy Bishop, who shot her brother to death and was sent home to mommy. I understand you can’t do anything to Marsha Edwards now (Bishop, decades later – after she mass-murdered her University of Alabama colleagues – was indicted for the fratricide), but we should at least find out why a murderously deranged mother was able to buy a gun and kill her kids with it. She lived in a wealthy, ultra-safe, gated community… Why the gun? Can we ask when she bought it, or if she got it from a friend, or whatever? It’s the thing that ended three lives – shouldn’t we know something about it?

As the Marsha Edwards story vanishes into that tragic woman plus the cosmic mystery, it leaves the stink of the normalization of a household appliance able to be used with stealth, ease, and one hundred percent fatality.

The Gun Cure

“People tend to drink a fair amount of alcohol when you don’t have many other sources of entertainment. Everybody has guns. You get the stress of a poor crop, of tariffs, and you can’t sell your wheat for what it costs to put in the ground. Cattle prices may or may not be good. The bank’s knocking at your door. Your kids are moving away because of brain drain. So people a lot of times tend to deal with it with a single bullet.”

A Montana psychiatrist sums it up.

Nice writing.

None of [the gun control] efforts … have been as instantly effective as [Dmitriy] Andreychenko’s stunt [ – entering a WalMart in body armor and holding a semi-automatic rifle – ] in making the point that wearing military protective gear and carrying a semi-automatic weapon should perhaps not be considered an acceptable way to behave, during peacetime, around people who are shopping for paper towels.

Protect Our Suicide Rates Alaska…

… is a nascent movement born of the latest attack on gun rights – the rollback of open carry while grocery shopping. Studies show that absent regular visual and physical access, inside and outside the home, to AR-15s, Alaskans’ impulse to detonate their heads will be significantly mitigated.

As famed for red pulp as Florida is for orange, we Alaskans have stood at the top of America’s suicide rate until recently, when we were very slightly overtaken by Montana. As local legislators keep an anxious eye on that slippage, POSR joins ranks with the Alaskan Independence Party to militate for nationhood, and the self-determination that accompanies it.

Meanwhile, join with us in singing our anthem:


When, in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes,
I all alone beweep my outcast state,
And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries,
And look upon myself and curse my fate,
Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,
Featured like him, like him with friends possessed,
Desiring this man’s aim and that gun’s scope,
With what I most enjoy contented least;
Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising,
Haply I reach for thee, and then my state,
(Like to the lark at break of day arising
From sullen earth) sings hymns at heaven’s gate;
       For thy sweet barrel finger’d such pulping brings
       That then I scorn to change my state with kings.

Hey, maybe it is, as the NRA says, a “stunt.”

But it’s the kind of stunt that could catch on. That would be fun to watch.

Singalong, My Minnesota State Fair

Once a year I’m lyin’ here
Stuck in a
firing line
Momma’s pissed herself with fear
And the kids begin to whine
I see the cops I’m all worn out
All I can do is pray
I paid ten bucks
To park my truck and watch the bullets spray

    If you ask me why I go
   I would answer I don’t know
  Maybe we’ll stop going there
  Next year oh god forbid
   They’ll maybe kill my kid
   That hot, cheesy, way sleazy
   My Minnesota State Fair

Love them ‘bama headlines.

‘Coastal HS football roundup: Williamson wins game marred by gunfire’

Yeah, who won? And how many shot?



Violence-porn-viewing here. The true south: Guns, Football, and (children screaming out to) God.


If you have any doubt that ending a high school or college football or basketball game with gunfire has become a ritual in parts of this country, like a cigarette after sex, put the words football and shooting in my search engine.


UPDATE: And in Texas:


Folks is gettin’ jumpy, ain’t they?

Time was ’round here in Nevada you’d see a AK-whatever and 2,000 or so rounds of ammo in a parked car at a university and walk on by. People have a right to defend themselves! Guns are no big deal! It’s the west ’round here! Et cetera.

Well now everybody’s scared cuz of what’s his name that guy that killed all those people in Las Vegas and some snowflake went and reported the stuff in the car to the police and now they’ve arrested some poor guy just trying to go to class.

And he forgot! When he saw the cops around his car he explained that he just forgot about the gun and ammo being there.

So now you’ve punished a guy just trying to go to class. Nevada needs campus carry.

North Carolina’s universities have had SO much sports/academic scandal and mass murder (actual; threatened) lately that maybe we should squint at the place a little harder.

I mean, the latest anxious freshman eighteen year old preparing to mass kill if he failed to get into a frat made a point of leaving gun-unfriendly Boston (where he went to a real expensive private school) and coming to Highpoint University in North Carolina because, he explained to the authorities, it’s easier to get guns in that state. Acquaintances from the private school recall his obsession with guns and mass killing; he clearly made a logical decision to move to a place where – unlike Massachusetts – that would be easy. Crazed reject loner mass killers like the guy down the street at the University of North Carolina Charlotte last April just seem drawn to North Carolina, whose state motto appears on this shirt…

“Every country contains mentally ill and potentially violent people. Only America arms them.”


Today’s crazed eighteen year old family-slaughterer is a real religious dude. And God is good! Only gave him a rifle. If he’d had a better weapon, he could have killed the whole neighborhood.

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