A McMansion full of toys

All for girls and boys!

Terrible Twos, American-Style!

2-Year-Old Shoots Both Parents after Finding Gun in Maine Home

Cuz our Buckaroos are Always Clamorin’ to Off Themselves!

Big Sky Country’s proud of its Number One in America suicide ranking, and no federal gun control is getting in the way of that.

Ain’t got no shrinks out here, either!

Nothing stands in the way of our over-65s who’ve had enough booze and loneliness shooting themselves in the head.


“Adams played as a defensive back for multiple teams… He also suffered multiple injuries in the NFL, including concussions…”

Was his doctor (who he shot to death along with most of the doctor’s family) treating him for mental disorders related to the concussions? Was he obviously mentally ill? If so, how did he get the gun? Do they sell guns to mentally ill people in South Carolina?


There are (according to one source) 21 guns for every individual in South Carolina. Adams had his pick.

His proud alma mater, South Carolina State, hasn’t yet taken down his hero page.


‘I can say he’s a good kid,’ [Adams’ father said]. ‘I think the football messed him up.’ Football and an entire state sagging under the weight of its weaponry. Football and weaponry and mental illness and I’ll bet Adams was transmitting for some time to a number of people that he was messed up. Nothing like 21 guns per person for the deeply paranoid. Even if people tried keeping him away from guns, in South Carolina that would have been impossible.

I wonder if he issued threats. All of this will come out, and we’ll all read about it, because in a country where heavily armed uninteresting madmen kill dozens of people every week, this killing titillates: a rich prominent doctor; a high body count including children; an NFL football player. South Carolina: Ground zero for Strange brew, see what’s inside of you: Guns, god, football.

And what drugs – prescription, non-prescription – was the shooter on? All of this will come out.


And as to the shock the local police chief is expressing – “This doesn’t happen here.” – weawy? Depends on what you mean by “here,” don’t it? Here as in the teeny tiny town where it happened, or here as in all over South Carolina, one of the ten most dangerous states in the country.


His sister confirms that he had been for some time “aggressively” unbalanced. Yet another instance of the truth Nathan Heller not long ago uttered: Going berserk with guns has become a way of American life.

“[A] police report detailing [Dylan] Roof’s admission to a narcotics offense should have prevented him from purchasing the weapon used in the shooting.”

Yeah, Roof was twenty-one years old too – just like our latest massacrist – when he sat in a chair and point blank killed a group of black Bible students. 22-year-old Elliott Rodger didn’t like women, so he shot and killed a bunch of women. Latest guy’s thing was Asians (information is preliminary, but UD‘s going to presume this motive). Mentally unbalanced hate-monger young ‘uns armed to the teeth: What a grand American achievement. Couldn’t have done it without the NRA.


“Yesterday was a really bad day for him and this is what he did.”

And fortunately for the mass killer, Georgia has no waiting period, no cooling off period, before you can walk out with a gun, so this kid was instantly able to act on his … feeling kinda bad yesterday.

Who would have thought a 21 year old would be impulsive? Now that he’s slaughtered all those women I’ll bet he feels better. Probably the mood passed.

He bought the gun hours before he started ripping people open.

Straight Outta Flannery O’Connor

Betty Baucom McConnell said she witnessed the events from her front door.

‘I couldn’t believe it,’ she told KODT-TV. 

‘It looked like the wild, wild west. I couldn’t get my phone to work. I tried to go live. 

‘I didn’t know what to do,’ McConnell said. ‘The police did a great job.’

McConnell said she was enjoying a birthday dinner at home when she heard gunshots outside.

‘[I] looked out the front door and there was this lady in front of my house with a gun and she was trying to get in my daughter’s car and my daughter was at the door hollering at her to “get away from my car”,’ McConnell said. 

‘Next thing I knew she pulled out the gun and she got in her stance and she was shooting at the police and police was shooting back at her.’ 



The Grand Old Party becomes the God! Oh Please…

don’t kill me! party.

There is a disturbing reason Republicans in Congress are giving for refusing to break with President Donald Trump: They fear for their lives.

According to Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO), this is a major reason why more House Republicans aren’t voting to impeach [or, more recently, convict] Donald Trump in the wake of the attack on the Capitol.

“The majority of them are paralyzed with fear,” Crow said in a Wednesday MSNBC appearance. “I had a lot of conversations with my Republican colleagues last night, and a couple of them broke down in tears — saying that they are afraid for their lives if they vote for this impeachment.”

Tim Alberta, Politico’s chief political correspondent, found in his own reporting that “Crow was right.”

NRA: Good on ya!

The sheer availability of weaponry in the United States increases the risk of terrorism. Terrorist groups in other democracies have usually scrambled to find weapons; the Irish Republican Army in Northern Ireland, for instance, had to resort to getting arms from Libya.


And David Frum:

Hundreds of millions of firearms are housed in American garages, basements, and attics. Delusions and disinformation still flow through social media. For a long time, however, mainstream politics has been barricaded from violence not only by the moral resistance of decent people—but also by the pragmatic calculations of even cynical politicians that violence does not pay.

That pragmatic calculation has been weakening. In 2018, the present governor of Montana won a House race after he violently attacked a journalist for asking him an unwanted question. More and more politicians campaign with firearms at their side. The taboo on political violence, already weaker in the United States than in many peer democracies, is weakening further. Among other things, Trump’s impeachment trial offers an opportunity to reassert that taboo, to denormalize mayhem and murder as the route to power.

So it’s not only Trump who is on trial. It’s his methods—and all who aspire to adopt his methods as their own in the political contests ahead.

A life ready to burst into flower.

A just-engaged Yale grad student, a committed environmentalist, an Army veteran, a man of heart and soul, is gunned down on the streets of New Haven.

There’s been a “spate of gun violence” in the city.

The tragedy of the newly disgraced and dysfunctional NRA is that it no longer issues “Thank God he/she had a gun!” statements after the use of guns.

If the National Rifle Association weren’t so busy infighting and stealing from itself and all, it would be in a position to take note of the story out of the Scranton suburbs, where a maddening, incessant noise problem was solved by a gun.

Neighbors in adjoining houses – a single man in one house, a married couple in another – had been screaming across their lawns at one another for some time – insults, obscenities – until the ill will among them really escalated during a recent big snowstorm.

“The Goys were shoveling the snow from their parking spots, shoveling the snow across the road, and throwing the snow onto Spaides’ property,” [neighbors] said in their statement.

… Spaide asked the couple to stop, sparking a heated exchange of words. James Goy apparently threw a tool at Spaide that he had been using to clear snow from his car…. When James Goy approached Spaide with a raised fist, Spaide reportedly retreated into his house and fetched a gun…

[D]espite seeing Spaide with a gun, James and Lisa Goy continued shouting names at him from the middle of the street.

Spaide allegedly opened fire on the couple, shooting both of them multiple times. Officials said Spaide then went back into his house and retrieved another firearm, which he reportedly used to shoot them again.

Wow. He must have really been angry. Popped them multiple times, then went inside and got another gun and did it all over again.

Then he killed himself, natch.

So– thank God he had a gun! I mean, guns! The neighbors had had it up to here with the shrieks and obscenities. Now, if you visit that street on the outskirts of Scranton, things are back to normal.


Spaide’s second gun was an AR-15 – cuz nothing finishes off the neighbors – already maybe dead from his pistol? – like an AR-15. People who argue that civilians don’t need AR-15s have clearly never been there, in the thick of snow-removal battle, against unarmed neighbors.

After a talking-to from McCarthy, Greene Deletes her Tweets.


Sing it with me.

Alas MccCarthy you do me wrong
To cuss me out discourteously;
I’ll take my rifle oh so long
And scare you bad, you pussy.

Greenetweets were my delight,
Greenetweets were my murder threats
Greenetweets were all my joy
Now must I delete my Greenetweets?

I have been ready at your hand
To grant whatever thou would’st crave;
I’ve scrubbed my mock of wee dead babes
Your love and goodwill for to have.

Greenetweets were my delight,
Greenetweets were my murder threats
Greenetweets were all my joy
Now must I delete my Greenetweets?

Must I erase my hate for Jews?
My trait’rous love of rioting crews?
Oh please don’t make me have to lose

My dearly beloved Greenetweets.

Now Congress Sets Up A Greene Zone

Maskless, armed Marjorie Taylor Greene has, with her staff, belligerently confronted a fellow Representative in the shared hallway outside their offices. By order of the Speaker, for this person’s safety, her office has been moved to a different floor from Greene’s.

Apparently security officials are also looking into placing Greene into constraints when she is on federal property.

“We will begin to see the evolution of mutants.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci weighs in on Marjorie Taylor Greene.

America’s Greene Party: Cleaning Up the Nation’s Political Environment…

… one AK-47 at a time.


Correction: AR-15. Sorry, Marjorie! I know how important your choice of weapon is to you! Please don’t kill me!

Dolts with Colts look likely…

… to be a real moneymaker for the federal government, now that fines will be imposed on House members unable to resist even for an hour or two the peculiar arousal of up close and personal arsenals. Friends and family have tried all kinds of interventions, but Lauren Boebert’s craving for glocks has now become a financial and reputational emergency, costing her so far $5000 in fines as she goes into a swoon at the Capitol metal detector and becomes a national laughingstock.

That amount will rise with each daily infraction, until her salary falls to something like $20,000 a year, but farcical as this daily public mental breakdown may appear, addiction is no laughing matter. Much as she might like to avoid personal and professional disaster, Boebert has no more control over her screaming fits at the detector, and her efforts to illegally evade it, than Jeffrey Epstein did over his daily need for sex slaves.

Boebert’s the loudest, but she’s far from the only House member melting down every day at the metal detector. Fine-wise, we’re talking real money, which UD proposes Pelosi donate to a fund for the victims of gun violence.

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