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… in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune from the president of hopelessly conflicted University of Minnesota. He had to say something; the newspaper’s been all over the many ongoing conflict of interest scandals in the UM medical school.

What he’s produced, though, is too lacking in content for SOS to take hold of anything from it for discussion purposes. The piece makes no reference to particular COI cases — a basic requirement under the circumstances.

If you’re in the mood for meaningless reassurance and groundless self-congratulation, go to it.

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One Response to “Hopelessly bad opinion piece…”

  1. theprofessor Says:

    Groundless self-congratulation at least once per day now seems to be a requirement for university administrations. Our e-mail boxes are now bending under the weight of electrons emitted by the PR office several times per day:

    "Pres. Backslapper drank a cup of coffee this morning and didn’t spill any!!!"

    "Dean Cruella sets record for most dog adoptions at local animal shelter!!"

    "Coach Spike utters two complete sentences consecutively in news interview!!"

    "Past Faculty Senate Chair Carl Clueless praises Gilligan for cutting pay, simplifying faculty tax filing!!"

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