From The Morning Sun, a Central Michigan newspaper:

The Genealogical Society of Isabella County is presenting a Victorian Funeral Tea and Cemetery Walk at 1 p.m. at Centennial Hall in Mt. Pleasant. Tickets may be purchased in advance. Cost is $20. Contact Sherry at 772-0155. Kim Parr of Crocker House Museum will be the speaker. Sponsored by Helms Funeral Home, Berry Funeral Home and Clark Funeral Chapel. This is one of the county’s sesquicentennial events.

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One Response to “The sort of thing UD, a tea drinker, finds, when she types “TEA” into Google News.”

  1. RJO Says:

    This provides an excellent opportunity to note that Caitlyn Hopkins has just finished her clever "101 Ways to Say Died" series at Vast Public Indifference. (SOS’s red pencil, combined with her ethnic heritage, might be particularly drawn to "Died Tryumphingly in Hops of a Goyful Resurrection.")

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