UD‘s extremely proud to appear in the following first paragraph in an Anthony Grafton essay in The New Republic:

Morning, nowadays, means coffee and the Times, as it did for my parents. But it also means something they never experienced: a trip across the Web. Slipping from link to link, occasionally falling in and spending a few minutes in one place, I pass from TNR to NYRB to Bookforum, from Atrios to Steve Benen, from Easily Distracted to University Diaries to Tenured Radical to TigerHawk, from Historiann and Arts & Letters Daily to Cliopatria and Athens & Jerusalem, from Andrew Sullivan to Megan McArdle to Ta-Nehisi Coates—and, for perspective, to the obituaries in the Telegraph.

Talk about being in good company.

Tony’s reviewing Mary Beard‘s latest book — UD and Mary are longtime mutual blog admirers.

UD thanks her friend Christina for noticing the TNR essay.

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