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It was a very bad bet. Their brand new basketball coach, Tim Welsh, was just found asleep at the wheel at a local traffic light, plastered.

He forgot to tell the university about this event. Hofstra read about the arrest in the paper. The school’s not happy. It looks real dumb, hiring this guy at hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Hofstra has suspended Welsh.

“One month into the job and already setting a good example for your players,” comments one sports site.

Will he be fired?

Are you insane? Have you been reading this blog even for five minutes?

Of course he won’t be fired.


Update: Welsh has resigned.

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  1. University Diaries » It’s a … Says:

    […] to the games. This has allowed them to concentrate all their attention on fantastic basketball!). A recent coach, minutes after he was hired, was found drunk out of his mind, asleep in his car at a traffic light. […]

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