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It’s hard to say. This directory page is the best I can do, and it might not be the same guy. But a news article about him says he’s an “assistant professor at the New York University School of Medicine.”

As you probably know, medical schools are notorious for handing out the title “professor” to pretty about anyone who hangs around the hospital wearing a white coat. This courtesy isn’t a very good idea, especially at a time when doctors are being arrested for running pill mills all over the country (especially in Florida). Castronuovo faces ten years in prison for writing oxy prescriptions like a bat out of hell.

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One Response to “Is Joseph Castronuovo an assistant professor of medicine at NYU?”

  1. Grouchy prof Says:

    Maybe we should look at the problem from a different angle. There are products that some people want to consume, but they can’t do it unless they buy from illegal, dodgy sources (with all the unknowns and risks this implies), or they obtain a prescription. A similar situation existed during the Prohibition, and this led to the development of the Mafia: when there is much money to be made, some people fall into it.

    Maybe this means the State should stop playing nanny to its citizens and let them drug themselves if they want to.

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