… for the weekend. Blogging continues
as she watches dredgers replenish the beach.

Her current view:

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2 Responses to “UD’s in Rehoboth Beach…”

  1. dmf Says:

    Torn Down From Glory Daily

    All day we watched the gulls
    striking the top of the sky
    and riding the blown roller coaster.
    Up there
    godding the whole blue world
    and shrieking at a snip of land.
    Now, like children,
    we climb down humps of rock
    with a bag of dinner rolls,
    left over,
    and spread them gently on stone,
    leaving six crusts for an early king.
    A single watcher comes hawking in,
    rides the current round its hunger
    and hangs
    carved in silk
    until it throbs up suddenly,
    out, and one inch over water;
    to come again
    smoothing over the slap tide.
    To come bringing its flock, like a city
    of wings that fall from the air.
    They wait, each like a wooden decoy
    or soft like a pigeon or
    a sweet snug duck:
    until one moves, moves that dart-beak
    breaking over. It has the bread.
    The world is full of them,
    a world of beasts
    thrusting for one rock.
    Just four scoop out the bread
    and go swinging over Gloucester
    to the top of the sky.
    Oh see how
    they cushion their fishy bellies
    with a brother’s crumb.

    Anne Sexton

  2. University Diaries » On January 20 of this year… Says:

    […] went to Rehoboth Beach and watched the city replenish the beach. Now, from an apartment in Germantown, Maryland, she watches images of that just-dredged beach […]

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