In its small way, Hofstra exemplifies the glory of university basketball and football (Well, they recently dropped football, since no one went to the games. This has allowed them to concentrate all their attention on fantastic basketball!). A recent coach, minutes after he was hired, was found drunk out of his mind, asleep in his car at a traffic light. Last month two players were suspended; the university didn’t say why. Now four players are accused of extensive campus thefts. For weeks they’ve apparently been taking money, electronics, you name it.

And according to this, they stole from the coach. LOL.

So who recruited these guys? You never hear about that, oddly. You never hear from the recruiting coach, and the recruiting coach never seems to take a fall, even when part of his team turns out to be a criminal conspiracy aimed directly at the fan base.

I guess if they also stole from the recruiting coach… well, that’s a kind of funny thing too… Like, the guy went to a lot of trouble to invite his thieves to his goods… Bent over backward to recruit the guys who lifted his credit cards and all his Apple products.

As UD is fond of saying, you can’t put a price tag on the good university sports does for a school’s reputation.


I wonder what student attendance is like at the games. I bet it’d go up if the university guaranteed that students could make direct appeals to the players to return their stuff.


As always, and again hilariously, the sports press only cares about what this means for win/loss.

The team is off to a 3-4 start and is no doubt trying to come together for some semblance of harmony and turn the season around. Before the season gets going, the head coach is robbed and a good portion of the team is arrested for the crime.


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  1. francofou Says:

    The ball! The ball! It’s just the ball you’re supposed to steal!

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