“Oz, with his credible position as a professor at Columbia University…” writes about Columbia University’s Mehmet Oz, a shameless huckster.

Columbia gives him credibility. What does he give Columbia?

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3 Responses to “Columbia, the Land of Oz”

  1. dmf Says:

    i think he is advertising their hospital on a reality tv show

  2. charlie Says:

    Wait a god damn minute. ANY program on any network is a highly produced, vetted and edited work. Nothing gets by the gatekeepers of programming, whatever it is that Dr. Oz, or any other celebrity says, can only be done with the approval of the network. That is common knowledge, whatever network that programs any celebrity has far more control of content than does that celebrity.

    So why is the congress getting religious concerning this one guy’s claims? Where is the congressional oversight of the network that broadcast the programming? Why not come down on those that actually have the public license to disseminate supposedly bad data? Is it because the biggest donors to the DC hacks are the networks themselves, and won’t be taken to task for their lack of oversight? How many times do we have to see absolutely bogus ad copy for ED/diabetes/depression medication before USAAmericans realize that it has nothing to do with protecting your health, but getting you to believe that their profit is the concern of pharma/networks/Congress?

  3. Jack/OH Says:

    Charlie, you’re right. “Oz”–the show–is a collaboration of the talent, producer, network, standards and practices, and on. So what’s Congress really doing?

    Hippocrates called honest practitioners to his Oath and Canon to restrain them from making off with their patients’ wives, cash, and dignity. Gee, maybe he knew something.

    Heard Oz a while back airily dismissing America’s high health care costs and dismal WHO stats. Insult to the intelligence. Some of us actually know how the American Medical Association and others in Big Medicine’s Iron Pyramid have successfully rigged the economy to their benefit, while pretty much escaping serious political criticism. (Tip of the hat to Vermont’s Bernie Sanders.)

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