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[The] associate director for research in the Regional Primate Research Center [at the University of Washington] … created a hostile work environment for a woman under his direct supervision because he “persistently, and for an extended period of time, made unwanted sexual comments and jokes,” and reminded her often that he could fire her. The investigator also found that [he] had a sexual relationship with another woman under his direct supervision, and that he viewed pornography on his work computer even when he was warned not to. … [He also] asked employees to solicit a prostitute for him…

The university had received complaints about [his] behavior on six separate occasions, as far back as 2006


UD thanks Seelye.


And if you want to know absolutely everything the big adorable lunkhead did, go here.

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2 Responses to “Primate Behavior at the University of Washington”

  1. Anon Says:

    Omfg, why did I read that.

  2. charlie Says:

    So this jackhole thinks that tenure was created to give him license to act as a goon. Not to protect the academic integrity of the institution, not to address the fact that undergrads are getting destroyed financially. No, in his own words, he doesn’t give a shit about that, it’s all about his money, pension and research. Someone should go up and kick this guys ass, figuratively, and tell him that without undergrads going deep in debt, he’d not have a job, at all. And some wonder why a lot of people are demanding the end of tenure….

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