When Pittsburgh swooped in to snatch a likely-to-be-dismissed Kevin Stallings from an underachieving Vanderbilt basketball program, it raised eyebrows. When he failed to win a single game in ACC play in his second season as the Panthers head coach, it raised fans’ ire. And now that it looks like it will cost the program nearly $10 million just to get rid of him, Stallings is raising one last thing — a question.

Just how incompetent IS the University of Pittsburgh athletic department?

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2 Responses to “A Desperate Plea for Help from the Learning-Impaired”

  1. David Foster Says:

    The official NTSB report on one of the Washington Metrorail crashes remarked that “Metro has a severe learning disability.”

    Maybe there needs to be an NTSB-like organization to review university financial debacles…

  2. charlie Says:

    None of this should surprise anyone. The book, Shake Down The Thunder, which ostensibly covers Notre Dame football from its inception to Rockne’s death, also chronicles the creation of college football factories during the 1920s. It was during that era when many iconic stadiums were built, including Pitt Stadium, which opened in 1925.

    But a small issue, The Great Depression, became evident a few years later. That created monumental issues for big time college football primarily because stadium debt had to be serviced. That could only be done with asses in seats, and that meant outstanding football teams. Shake Down The Thunder states that Pitt recruited players by flat out paying them, so well in fact, the guys could get married and start families. Given what’s currently going on, nothing’s changed…

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