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Declaring itself “disappointed” with Norman, who began a constituent meeting in his state by taking out a loaded pistol and leaving it on a table between him the audience because – in Norman’s words – “I”m not going to be a Gabby Giffords,” the National Rifle Association has withdrawn its endorsement from a politician who – in the words of a spokesperson – “chose, in the face of danger, to display a pistol rather than open-carry an assault weapon.”

“Representative Norman’s preparation for his latest voter meet and greet included neither body armor nor PBIED,” the NRA press release noted. “Well-sourced reports also indicate that Norman greeted supporters at a recent Campaign Volunteers High Tea with little more than a pink Hello Kitty gun.

“It was a last-minute event and I grabbed something from my toddler’s room,” said Norman, who pledged it would not happen again.


Aw you guys is no fun!

The South Carolina Democratic Party released this statement: “According to Section 16-23-410 of the South Carolina code, “it is unlawful for a person to present or point at another person a loaded or unloaded firearm’…

“By his own admission, US Rep Ralph Norman brandished a loaded gun in a public setting on Friday to make a point. Not only were his actions irresponsible and dangerous – they were illegal.

“As any truly responsible gun owner knows and as the statute says, if you have a concealed carry permit, you cannot brandish your weapon without an imminent threat. It’s dangerous and it’s illegal. And today Congressman Norman showed us that he’s anything but responsible,’ said South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Trav Robertson. “This is a felony offense and punishable by up to five years in prison. That’s why I will be sending an official request to SLED to investigate Congressman Norman’s dangerous actions.

Chairman Robertson continued, “Rep. Norman only did this because he barely got elected the first time and needs votes. He’s worried about his campaign. This was a stunt and he should be punished for violating the law. I hope law enforcement moves swiftly to resolve the matter. It didn’t work for Roy Moore and it won’t work for Ralph Norman.”

Well but t’aint the same! Ol’ Roy dint just brandish guns! He fucked underage girlies too!

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  1. Matt McKeon Says:

    This has to be a belated April’s Fools. Doesn’t it?

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