These are the three big categories under which you will find repression of free speech on the contemporary American college campus. Let’s glance at each one:

1. Inquisition: Way-Christian schools are always alerting us that “Academic freedom is not sacrosanct. […] It too must submit to God in a Christian college,” so shut the fuck up.

2. Ineptitude: Drop-out factories like Chicago State University are the academic equivalent of North Korea because they’ve got an insane amount of corruption and fuckupery to keep quiet.

3. Ideology: One-party states like Sarah Lawrence and Reed College do not take kindly to conservative professors… or, in the case of Reed, to liberal professors.

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One Response to “Inquisition, Ineptitude, Ideology”

  1. JND Says:

    1. Inquisition.

    “Many Christian institutions of higher education require employees to sign doctrinal statements as administrators seek to blend religious traditions with academic standards.”

    True. We haven’t had to, so far. I did have to write a statement of my personal beliefs as a part of my employment application, and I did have to describe those beliefs in my interview with the provost at the time. I’ve heard several faculty members express concerns that signed statements may be coming. No evidence of that yet.

    Some things are written into our employment contracts that limit certain BEHAVIORS.

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