… which, typically, is stupid enough to think that people are more interested in getting riled up against elites than in saving their children’s lives.

With a nation’s daily carnage fully before their eyes, with our hospitals overflowing with the dying, the NRA tweets this:

Someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane. Half of the articles in Annals of Internal Medicine are pushing for gun control.

Enraged, heartbroken, doctors are tweeting back.

Unless you are working beside me in my Pediatric ER while I code a child dying from a gun shot wound while his mother screams in a way that will stay with you forever you need to STAY IN YOUR LANE. Gun control and gun violence is ABSOLUTELY my business.

There’s a lot more where that came from.


Should this get ugly, UD has a helpful hint for the NRA: Send out a tweet saying that George Soros is funding the doctors’ tweets. Jewish doctors, you know … Soros is a Jew …

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