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6 Responses to “Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at…”

  1. cloudminder Says:

    we hear during their “courtship” -when she was his staffer- they frequented the cafeteria at the Supreme Court most mornings.
    apparently, aqua net is still in business – did you see her hair? — a shade of blond unknown to nature…

    anyway — it appears he’s …toast.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    I’ve never been clear on the meaning of “fembot,” but I think she may be one.

  3. gassman Says:

    The report didn’t mention whether they were delinquent on their accounts and if they aren’t, who cares?

    I remember being surprised at the debts that the Joe Bidens carried when their info. was released. But a few minutes later I realized NOMB. I don’t remember a CBS piece about that, though.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    gassman: Gingrich’s whole thing is fiscal maturity, fiscal restraint. He’s been lecturing everybody along those lines for ages. This makes him look like a hypocritical jerk.

    [A] key part of Gingrich’s “Contract with America” when he led the 1994 Republican revolution that seized control of both houses of Congress was … the Fiscal Responsibility Act.

  5. Shane Street Says:

    So it’s OK then. Everybody knows Democrats are fiscally irresponsible. It is not “news”.

  6. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Shane: They’re not – at least in their personal lives – as fiscally irresponsible as Newt. He’s supposed to set an example. Or at least practice what he preaches.

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