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It would be GREAT for limericks. And I (and many UD readers) love to write limericks.

Mitt Romney thinks David Petraeus
Might be his ex machina deus
But his choice of vp
Seems so nutty to me
That I’m sitting here scratching my payos.

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4 Responses to “Actually, it WOULDN’T be that nutty a choice.”

  1. Shane Street Says:

    Gen. David Petraeus’ father’s name is Sixtus. Sixtus Petraeus. Like it’s 6th century Byzantium, or something.

  2. theprofessor Says:

    Sixtus I can handle. It’s the increasing numbers of Asshyelynnns, K’ou’R’tk’nees, and Billye Bobbs that make me wonder about the sanity of the parents.

  3. adam Says:

    Romney avoided the road to Emmaus –
    He zeroed right in on David Petraeus.
    I’ll make him my Veep
    And then I can sleep,
    Safe in the thought that Obama can’t slay us.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    adam: I played around with Emmaus too.

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