The voice of the people. Philosophy of education, American-style. If the University of Georgia students and alumni like to shit all over the campus during football games, “it’s a college campus for crying out loud.” That’s what college campuses are for.

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5 Responses to ““It is a college campus for crying out loud. The young students are going to have a good time. They pay to go to school there and get excited when football games are held. The university has plenty of money to have it cleaned up.””

  1. Shane Street Says:

    From Wikipedia, The University of Paris strike of 1229:
    “In March 1229, on Shrove Tuesday, Paris’s pre-Lenten carnival began. This was similar to the modern-day Mardi Gras where one wore masks and generally let loose. The students often drank heavily and were rowdy, and in the suburban quarter of Saint Marcel a dispute broke out between a band of students and a tavern proprietor over a bill which led to a physical fight. The students were beaten up and thrown into the streets. The next day, seeking revenge, the students returned in larger numbers armed with wooden clubs, broke into the tavern, beat the offenders and destroyed the establishment. Other shops were damaged in a subsequent riot which spilled into the streets.”
    This was some years before the invention of American football, I believe. Or America, come to think of it.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    To be sure, Shane; but, as always, we regularized and commercialized the Old World ways.

  3. Sean O Says:

    I think what UD is trying to say is that we are more worserer.
    Commercial values have trumped everything in the good ol USA
    and we are more vulgar for it.

  4. Shane Street Says:

    Modern revelers on campus don’t have the benefit of clergy.

  5. ricki Says:

    Yeah, they can just take the cost of clean-up out of the library budget; no one uses libraries any more.

    Or they could add it to the professorial duties of the teaching staff. Call it “community involvement” or “community service.”

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