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You can’t put a price tag on what big-time athletics does for America’s universities.

A video of [University of Wyoming football coach Dave] Christensen’s exchange with Air Force coach Troy Calhoun was posted online on Thursday. As of Monday afternoon, the video had more than 105,000 views.

The video starts with Christensen cursing in the direction of the Air Force team before meeting Calhoun for the post-game handshake. He accuses Calhoun of having quarterback Connor Dietz fake an injury to buy the Air Force staff extra time before the go-ahead touchdown. Christensen then continues his tirade by personally attacking Calhoun.

“I’d be f—— scared to death if I had a f—– like you defending me,” Christensen told Calhoun.

After being pulled away by his daughter toward the Wyoming locker room, Christensen finished by saying:

“Go get in your f—— press conference, fly boy.”

The comments came on Wyoming’s “Military Appreciation Day.”

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2 Responses to “Another fucking glorious day for a fucking American university.”

  1. david foster Says:

    “Calhoun’s players are extraordinarily successful finishing their academic and leadership responsibilities. The Air Force football team’s NCAA APR (Academic Progress Report) is annually amongst the finest of the 120 schools that play at the FBS level of college football. From May 2008 through the present, Air Force is the only service academy and the only Mountain West Conference program to finish above the nation’s 90th percentile each of the last five years. The Air Force football APR’s for the five most recent years have been 976 in 2008, 983 in 2009, an astounding 988 in 2010, 978 in 2011 and 980 in 2012. In addition to being the nation’s best in regards to the NCAA’s APR, over 98 percent of Air Force football team members who participated in a game in either their junior or senior seasons under Calhoun’s guidance graduated from the United States Air Force Academy.”


    I didn’t bother to look up the equivalent statistics for Wyoming…

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    […] to whom he has just lost that he’s a fucker – and to do it on Military Appreciation Day, when the winning coach’s team is the Air […]

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