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[Morehead State football coach Sean] Woods shoved senior point guard Devon Atkinson in the back and then repeatedly got in the kid’s face after walking away from him several times. Atkinson was nearly reduced to tears, his teammates on the bench looked on in horror, as did people sitting in the rows immediately behind the bench.

… If Morehead State doesn’t fire Coach Woods by the end of the weekend, it is yet another sad example of the win-at-all-cost mentality that permeates today’s world of intercollegiate athletics.


Patrick Rishe, Forbes.

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2 Responses to “Patrick Rishe: Adorably Naive.”

  1. Van L. Hayhow Says:

    This just in. Woods was suspended for all of one day.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    That’s one day more than I thought, Van.

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