When the name of the game in big-time American university football is thug-management, it’s all about comparisons. Who recruits the most criminals? How bad – man to man offense speaking – are they? Do they steal laptops, or do they, like national champ Alabama’s crew, beat people senseless and pack heat?

Then there’s all the chatter about consequences. Ignore it? Suspend them for awhile? Suspend them indefinitely? Dismiss them?

These guys – these Alabama guys – are second stringers, so we’re being spared long articles ignoring what they’ve done and agonizing instead about how their being in jail is going to hurt the defensive line…


UD thanks several readers for linking her to this story.

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4 Responses to ““In contrast to Saban’s measured response, consider how quickly and decisively Gene Chizik acted when four of his Auburn football players were charged with armed robbery… This is no time to compare the arrest records of Alabama and Auburn players, but it seems fair to compare the reaction to two similar situations…””

  1. Joe Fruscione Says:

    I’m sure they’ll be suspended and then apologize for their actions being misunderstood and/or blown out of proportion…right until they’re reinstated on the eve of training camp and the new season.

    Can’t wait to hear this fauxpology.

  2. JND Says:

    Hey! I’m just glad it wasn’t in Texas this time.

  3. Mr Punch Says:

    Chizik’s been fired, of course.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Mighty close, JND, but not Texas.

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