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12 Responses to “First flush…”

  1. Dave Stone Says:

    I’ll say in advance that the humor here is going to run a little immature, but you’re the one who posted the item:

    I can’t wait for my chance to sit down
    And switch quickly to smile from frown.
    A moment of peace,
    A good book on my knees
    And a hot steaming cup of Earl Brown.

  2. Dave Stone Says:

    Oh, what’s the best choice to keep clean?
    Is it herbal, oolong, or green?
    My advisor perceives
    From reading the leaves
    That jasmine best suits the latrine.

  3. Dave Stone Says:

    The bathroom’s no place for a bowl
    If sugar or cream is goal.
    It’s no place for a strainer
    Or loose leaf container
    So your tea belongs best on a roll.

  4. Dave Stone Says:

    Do you have a strong preference for brew
    If you feel a compulsion to spew?
    Some nice lemon tea
    Is just right for me
    But coffee comes in number two.

  5. Dave Stone Says:

    I just figured out that the next piece of ribald verse I contribute here will make one hundred. Just think how much scholarship I could have produced if not for UD . . .

  6. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Dave: Keep them coming. In my pedantic way, I have been studying Lists of Tea Terms so as to find as much jargon as possible to put into my limericks. I love yours. Especially Earl Brown. Brilliante.

  7. Margaret Soltan Says:

    The Tea Ceremony

    First, place your Assam on the seat.
    Then wait not Oolong for your treat.
    If your brew’s fully fired
    From your make you’ll retire
    To an après-Gunpowder retreat.

  8. adam Says:

    Not a limerick but here goes, straining for effect.

    Oölong does not belong
    In the little room of pong.
    Number one it tastes too strong,
    Number two you’ll just prolong
    Getting to the happy gong.

  9. janet gool Says:

    The Japanese so love to pee,
    They’ve scented their tissue with tea.
    The Scotch wipe with whiskey,
    It makes them feel frisky.
    And the French prefer Gruyere or Brie.

  10. Margaret Soltan Says:

    janet, adam: This assignment has brought out your very best. Thank you. UD

  11. Daniel S. Goldberg Says:

    I have no skills whatsoever with rhyming or limericks, but these are fantastic. Thank you all so very much.

  12. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Daniel: Our pleasure. UD

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