A curious conference at Bard
Has left its professors quite scarred.
When asked about Summa
They say Man what a bumma.
Disregard! Disregard! Disregard!


UD thanks Josh.

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9 Responses to ““I would refer to his work as being, at the very least, interesting.””

  1. MattF Says:

    I suppose any possible comment will be off-topic, so there’s this:


    All three ads are excellent but the first, “Beautiful and Fast” is very special.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    MattF – The third is… words fail me.

  3. Josh Says:

    Lovely! Loathsome! Limericks!

    A friend reached this tag line: “One Flew Over the Ivory Tower.”

    I was thinking that while Birnbaum failed to integrate science and religion, he at least managed the unification of scholarly integrity and collegiate investment.

    Or maybe he has managed to invent a new concept? “I call it: Disintegrity!”

  4. Dave Stone Says:

    Well hell, for a free trip to Bard
    I’d abandon all my self-regard.
    There’d be none left in our ranks
    If we discarded all cranks
    Even those who print books by the yard.

  5. Dave Stone Says:

    This is a little outside my usual, but I noticed in reading the Chronicle piece that chunks of it could be dropped in a limerick without much trouble. Thus I offer (and claim precedence until proven otherwise) the first found poetry dada limerick, containing not a word of my original poesy.

    Approach to capitalization — idiosyncratic.
    Line breaks random or, if you like, poetic.
    has no academic affiliation.
    A pile of T-shirts with Summa Metaphysic.

  6. Dave Stone Says:

    Rats. Scooped again:


  7. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Dave: LOL. Of course, this story makes the writing of limericks a bit too easy for the elite ranks of limerick writers like ourselves. But as you say… Well hell…

  8. janet gool Says:

    Hello Margaret!
    Birnbaum is actually a Hassid of Herschel Goldwasser.
    The plot gets thicker.

  9. Margaret Soltan Says:

    janet: Laugh Out Loud! It all becomes clearer now…


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