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5 Responses to “The Canadians…”

  1. Barbara MacDonald Allport Says:

    But it is Canada… they are just like us. Unless he was born in that Frenchie part, it is not the kind of foreign that people fear. Kenya is foreign.

    I’m sorry, I’m up too late and it hit me how the birthers would try to spin this.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Barbara: But if it’s Canada, his loyalty is to the Queen. His people fought on the wrong side in the war of independence, and you can’t say that about Kenyans.

  3. MattF Says:

    Uh… well, hold on now… You’re saying that Canada isn’t actually part of the good ol’ USA? Even though it’s right there on the map?

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    MattF: I know! I think it’s kind of like Mexico…

  5. Mr Punch Says:

    Also Panamanians. I suspect that an initial source of anti-Obama birtherism was the need to divert attention from McCain’s questionable (by strict constructionist logic) qualification for the presidency. The issue was complicated by the fact that the status of the Canal Zone in 1936 was very much like that of Guantanamo in 2008.

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