… might do as a name for the ever-in-the-process-of-being-robbed-blind University of Louisville. Medicare fraud is one thing; Louisville does that too, but so does everyone else. Louisville’s claim to fame is an incredible amount of employee theft. UD detailed a little of it in this post, and now there’s more.

The Internal Revenue Service says the executive director of a medical department at the University of Louisville wrote checks to himself possibly in excess of $2 million since 2007.

Perry “Chad” Vaughn, who oversees the school’s Department of Family & Geriatric Medicine, is due in federal court on Monday after federal prosecutors obtained a preliminary injunction to prevent him from spending any of the funds. The IRS says the money came from the department and affiliated medical practices.

You know, when you get on the Washington DC metro, a nice lady announces that if you don’t want to get your electronics stolen, you shouldn’t sit near an exit door using them openly, etc., etc. Maybe the University of Louisville (which also has its hands full with athletic scandals) should try a similar system of public announcements.

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