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Bravo, Brown.

Students there aren’t letting Trustee Steve settle into a non-story as the school year begins. They’re perfectly aware that Hedgie Houdini’s continued trusteeship of their university is a scandal, a disgrace, a major blot on the school. Throw in Bruonians Richard Lee and Steven Rattner and Brown begins to look like Wharton, which, as you know, this blog has long called Forcing Ground of the Great Insiders. (Wharton also proudly claims future United States of America and current Trump University President Donald Trump. )

I mean, when your university’s last president, “a member of Goldman Sachs’s compensation committee…approved a $67.9 million bonus, still a Wall Street record, for Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein,” you should probably watch yourself. With this latest business, the Steven Cohen business, Brown’s building a really scummy critical mass for itself. Only its students, apparently, are willing to bring any moral seriousness to the problem.

Margaret Soltan, September 3, 2013 11:26AM
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