… titled The Last Days of the GOP.

What Washington business lobbyists say on-the-record about the House Republicans and about Tea Party activists pales before what they are willing to say if their names aren’t used. One former Republican staffer says of the anti-establishment groups, “They want to go in and fuck shit up. These non-corporate non-establishmentarian guys—that is exactly what they are doing. And the problem with that is obvious. What next? What happens after you fuck shit up?”

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3 Responses to “From a John Judis article in The New Republic…”

  1. JND Says:

    Alternately, the establishment Republicans are the ones who f’d things up, and the new guys are trying to fix them?

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    JND: You prefer Cruz to McCain?

  3. JND Says:


    I don’t like either one much, although I’ve voted for each of them once. I’d call them the lesser of two evils when I voted for them.

    I do think that establishment Republicans have had plenty of chances to improve and haven’t. I’m generally supportive of any lawful movement that puts them on notice; I do think they’ve f’d things up.

    Just my opinion, probably worth about what it costs. . . . As always, thanks for what you do and for letting me comment.

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