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2 Responses to “The Evan Dobelle Story Enters Franco Death Watch…”

  1. Juliet Harris Says:

    Dear SOS,

    Would you be willing to don your schoolmarm persona long enough to comment on a few statements made in this article?

    1) Boston.com: “Thomas C. Frongillo, a principal in the firm, has been represting the trustees in their negotiations with Dobelle.”

    Question; Represting?

    2) Boston.com: “But Dobelle’s publicist, George Regan issued a scathing statement saying that Dobelle’s suspension plans to file a federal lawsuit against the trustees for the “egregious” violation of his rights.”

    Question: WHO is going to file a federal lawsuit?

    3) Boston.com: “It also came as Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office launched an investigation into whether Dobelle made illegal false claims to obtain reimbursement for his expenses.”

    Question: Would that be as opposed to LEGAL false claims?

    I’m a lifelong southerner and I found them jarring. I rather thought Boston, with its boatload of top-shelf academics (or so I hear), held itself to a literary higher standard. No?

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Dear Juliet: Well, this is what prose looks like when a newspaper is excitedly publishing, as it happens, every new morsel of a rather fast-moving story. The reporter is rushing, the editor (if they’re even bothering with one) is rushing, and the result is the mess you’ve noticed. Letters gets dropped (represting); whole phrases get dropped (“is illegal and he”). As for #3, this is not as egregious (Dobelle’s pomposity led him to hire a pompous publicist – bad idea) as #1 and #2, but I suppose it’s redundant.

    On academics and literary standards… If I had to guess, I’d guess that the person who wrote the latest Dobelle dispatch is a twentyish recent grad of a journalism schoool.

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