… you get a prize. But this paragraph is good for your early morning amusement:

In an attempt to find out what disciplinary steps [Frostburg State University] might be taking with [Arthur] Siemann, The Bottom Line asked an administrative assistant at the Cordt’s P.E. center for a comment. We were referred to the Dean of College Education, Dr. Clarence Golden, then the assistant Dean, Dr. Roger S. Dow. Dow declined to make an official statement and referred us to Dr. William P. Childs, Interim Provost, who also declined to comment, but referred us to Elizabeth Medcalf, FSU’s Director of News and Media Services. Medcalf explained that, due to the privacy issues involved, no official statement could be made as to the disciplinary actions taken towards Dr. Siemann. Thus, The Bottom Line is unable to report as to whether Siemann has been put on Administrative Leave with or without pay.


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7 Responses to “If you can follow exactly what it is this guy did wrong…”

  1. Dave Stone Says:

    I respectfully submit that you buried the lede:

    “Further inquiries allegedly led David Siemann, who changed his name in 1996 to Craig Eliot Stevens, to believe that his brother Arthur had stolen his identity.”

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Dave: I know! I know! I take the point that that’s the lede, but I didn’t go with it because I just don’t understand. The sentence you quote sounds like one of those brain teasers on Car Talk.

  3. MattF Says:

    Bought a time-share in South Carolina.

  4. Alan Allport Says:

    Plundered a bequest which by rights ought to have been his brother’s by pretending to be said brother. Allegedly.

    I agree though, it’s so confusingly written that you have to fight against the prose to figure the story out.

  5. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Alan, MattF: Thank you.

  6. charlie Says:

    He needs to use the Cheech and Chong defense, “Dave?” “Dave’s not here, man.”

  7. Margaret Soltan Says:

    charlie: LOL.

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