UD‘s not sure how she missed Australia’s Troy Buswell (my headline comes from a 2011 story about his ex-marriage), but along with having committed “11 traffic offences … in one night,” he seems to have plagiarized a report justifying the extreme expense of a taxpayer funded trip he recently took to Europe and Asia.

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3 Responses to ““There was the infamous bra-snapping incident of 2007, then months later it was revealed he had sniffed the chair of a female staffer in his parliamentary office.””

  1. adam Says:

    Catchy tune that: Blame it on the old bipolar!

  2. Dr_Doctorstein Says:

    A “bikie”? I had one of those when I was ten….

    In the taxonomy of aussie badassery, is a a bikie worse than a hooligan?

    Not to change the subject, UD, but have you read about UWF (the University of Wal-mart–Fayetteville)?


  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Going to that link now, Dr_Doctorstein. Thanks.

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