Halloween at the Beach


Heading down there to take a morning boardwalk stroll with my friend Di Elkin, who has an apartment next door to ours.

In front of a home by the sea.

Typical morning around here.

Les UDs leave Rehoboth Beach tomorrow.

Blueberries and…
… blueberries at the Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market.

A Similar Study in…
… yellow.

Pink shutters and…

… pink flowers at the beach.

Espaliered hydrangea (?)…

… along a wall in Lewes Delaware.

Road to the White House

Straight ahead for a quarter mile: Joe Biden’s Rehoboth Beach house.
Taken on UD’s early morning walk along the Atlantic.

Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue.

Sea and sky merge after a tremendous storm roars through Rehoboth Beach this evening.

Silent lightning storms over the ocean…

… aren’t maybe AS exciting as walking directly into a seal (see an earlier post for that amazing moment in UD’s life), but I’ll take them. After dinner in Rehoboth with friends last night, the return trip along the boardwalk featured an electric sky – constant, blazing, chutes and ladders!

Foreground: Silver clouds that turned to gold with each bolt.

I’ll be back to regular blogging soon – need time to adjust to a new computer, etc., etc. As I feel more proficient with this thing (new keyboard too!), I’ll be back to my old self. Ne quittez pas.

The last time UD was in Rehoboth…

… she practically walked into a seal on a completely empty beach.

Today she leaves for two weeks in Rehoboth. She doubts she’ll see any seals.

Of course she’ll blog from there.

Super Sunrise on the Day of the Last Super Moon

Of course Les UDs will be out there tonight, gazing up at this year’s “third, final, and best” supermoon.

On her first tentative very early morning walk on the beach…

… after being ill, UD walks directly into a seal. What a moment.

Didn’t want to approach too close. You’ll have to zoom in.

UD roaring back…

… from her recent brief illness. Still a bit weak, but recovering in a seaside room in Rehoboth Beach, so nothing to complain about. Frustrated that I don’t have the energy to blog just yet, since the admissions scandal keeps spawning scandalettes (many involving a UD fave, Philip Esformes!) and I’m determined to keep up. If there were ever a story that had UNIVERSITY DIARIES written all over it, this is the one.

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