Intriguing, and rather gratifying….

… (if, like UD, you’re currently teaching a Udemy course with 548 students) column about MOOCs in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Nicholas Leman, on MOOCS.

In the New Yorker.

The top schools, led by Stanford, are now aggressively exploring online education, which they had previously left to the for-profits. This doesn’t mean that they will suddenly start granting degrees online to ten or a hundred times as many students; instead, they are likely to offer a second, cheaper (or even free) tier of education that will only enhance the lifelong value of their traditional, in-residence degrees.

The next installment in my series on teaching a MOOC…

… is now up at Inside Higher Education.

I’ve just officially hit 500…

… students in my Faculty Project lecture series on poetry.


UD thanks her sister for telling her.

The seventh installment…

… of my blog series on teaching a MOOC is now up at Inside Higher Education.

Brooks on …


The best American colleges should be able to establish a magnetic authoritative presence online.

Harvard MOOCs Too.

Via Inside Higher Education: Harvard has just announced it’s collaborating with MIT to offer its own MOOCs.

UD‘s MOOC now has four hundred and thirty students. So it’s not “massive” (Massive Open Online Courses) yet – as in some MOOCs that have tens of thousands of students. Maybe she should call her poetry course a BOOC (Big Open Online Course) until it’s truly massive.

My MOOC Just Passed Four Hundred

Or, if you’re just joining us, my Massive Open Online Course on poetry has just enrolled four hundred people from around the world.

Onward and upward. This Saturday, I’m recording a lecture on Elizabeth Bishop’s poem, At the Fishhouses.

My latest lecture on poetry…

… can be found here (you need to register for the course). It’s about Sylvia Plath’s poem, The Moon and the Yew Tree. I wrote about it earlier on this blog, here.

My latest MOOC post at Inside Higher Ed…

… is now up, here. And my latest Udemy Faculty Project lecture on poetry is here.

I’ve been busy recording my latest Udemy lecture…

… on poetry today, a discussion of Paul Valéry’s The Graveyard by the Sea. Feel free to register for the whole series.


— the fifth in my series of Inside Higher Ed columns about what it’s like to teach a MOOC, is here.

My fifth Faculty Project lecture on poetry…

… will shortly be available. It’s a close reading of Sunday Morning, by Wallace Stevens.

My fifth in a series of posts at Inside Higher Education about doing a MOOC will also be published soon. I’ll link to it.

My Fourth Faculty Project Lecture on Poetry…

… “The Poet on Poetry,” is now available. Registration for the course is free. Give it a whirl.

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