March 4th, 2022
‘[Eric Zemmour] made no mention in [his latest speech] of Putin’s repeated threat to use nuclear weapons. The man who presents himself as the saviour of his nation now finds himself aligned with a man threatening to destroy it.’

Zemmour is every bit as much of a violent nihilist as his loverboy Putin; these tiny Napoleons both dream of blowing everything up. (Which reminds me: Congrats, Vlad, for reducing Kharkiv to rubble!)

Putin’s getting his wish in this regard, but the world just might be able to stop him.

As for Zemmour, his poll numbers are tanking. There aren’t enough violent nihilists in France to put him over the top.

March 2nd, 2022
Yer darn tootin’ / He loved Vlad Putin!

Stephen Cohen. If you seek his monument, look around you in Kharkiv.

March 1st, 2022
‘If Zelensky falls, another leader will step forward. Even Russian-speaking Ukrainians have become anti-Russian. The scene depicted in Picasso’s Guernica, one of wanton and barbaric violence, is the best Putin can hope for: Conquering Ukraine will require unspeakable brutality, and even if Moscow succeeds on this count, foreign legions are flowing to Ukraine to assist an insurgency in bleeding Russia’s occupation.’

Even Russian-speaking Ukrainians have become anti-Russian.

February 28th, 2022
February 25th, 2022
February 24th, 2022
‘Like other authoritarians, he equates his own well-being with that of the nation and opposition with treason. He is sure that Americans mirror both his cynicism and his lust for power and that in a world where everyone lies, he is under no obligation to tell the truth. Because he believes that the United States dominates its own region by force, he thinks Russia has the same right.’

Madeleine Albright on the butcher.

October 24th, 2021
The drag race, open to any idiot with thirty bucks, took place on a local landing strip; there was no seating for spectators, who gathered, as in a tailgate, along the strip, not far from the cars.

As the race concluded, “a car fishtailed into onlookers — including young children — after it crossed the finish line. There were no barriers beyond the finish line.”

Yeah, cuz once the cars are done, they go from 100 mph to 0 in seconds so you don’t need barriers there.

Two kids were killed and five people are seriously injured, including a three-month-old.

October 14th, 2021
“Bråthen had a lengthy criminal history, including an incident in May last year in which he threatened to kill his father while carrying a handgun. Two relatives subsequently took out a restraining order against him. Bråthen also has convictions for aggravated theft and drug offences going back at least as far as 2011, and does not appear to have held a job since the early 2000s.”

And big rich Norway couldn’t find a way to put him in prison for a long time? Is it Norway’s policy to wait until radicalized career criminals kill five people and injure three others to jail them? How long will he stay incarcerated this time? Six months?

October 12th, 2021
‘Blumenthal said that there was a widespread culture of drinking and bullying at the bank.’

It doesn’t take a genius to understand the social function of university fraternities in America: They exist to shape the character of postmodern capitalism’s most successful predators. The in-group viciousness you learn at Sigma Alpha Epsilon – with special attention to homicidal acts against losers – leaves you in a state of hyper-readiness for Goldman Sachs.

October 12th, 2021
Slurp, slurp. Yummy!

“[T]he violence … is more than mildly sickening in its scale, its graphic presentation and its calculated gratuitousness. Well before the hero, Gi-hun (Lee), was playing the titular game in the final episode with a steak knife sticking through his hand, I’d had enough. Apologists can argue that the combination of businesslike dispatch and cartoonish exaggeration in the killing has aesthetic and thematic resonance, but nothing onscreen supports that take. There is little dread and even less emotion, just the logistical satisfaction of the body count…

[S]tylistic panache and mordant wit [allow some directors] to make outré violence feel like an organic element in their stories. In “Squid Game,” it’s just empty, bloody calories.”

September 5th, 2021
“I met with officials in person and expressed my concern that the law could allow someone to remain here who obtained their immigration status fraudulently and posed a threat to our national security.”

And someone who is insane, and requires 24 hour police surveillance. But they didn’t watch him closely enough, and he grabbed a knife in a supermarket and started stabbing people, some of whom remain in critical condition.

Legal procedures for dealing with terrorists in New Zealand are also insane.

July 27th, 2021
Absolutely chilling advance word has begun emerging …

… that at least one, and as many as three, Republican congresspeople plan to immolate themselves inside the Capitol as an act of protest against (in words that some are attributing to them) “Anthony Fauci’s slaughter of millions of innocent people, and Nancy Pelosi’s terror attack on this sacred building.”

Inspired by this iconic Buddhist monk, Rep. Jim Jordan and Sen. Rand Paul (these are apparently the most likely names) will set themselves aflame in the center of the Senate, in an effort, also, to distract attention from the ongoing testimony of policemen present at the January 6 insurrection.

Louie Gohmert, rumored to be a third self-immolater, has, according to some sources, said that he “no longer wants to live in a world in which Jake Ellzey beats Susan Wright.”

Obviously, if this rumored event actually happens, it will be an unprecedented trauma for the country, the ultimate twisted act of fidelity to Donald Trump. Whatever your politics, you’ve got to hope that their families and colleagues are able to dissuade these men from this grotesque act.

February 16th, 2021
‘The honor code of “guarding your respect” and “he had it coming” endures, [one expert] said, adding that it’s possible to “risk your life just by insulting the L.S.U. Tigers.”’

Update/recap of the idjits in Louisiana who maintain that state’s distinction: America’s highest murder rate, now for the 31st year.

“People are armed to the teeth.”

I know you’re thinking New Orleans, but don’t forget Baton Rouge, home of LSU.

January 17th, 2021
Boebert Unplugged

Her communications director has resigned! We are about to get this iconic American voice unfiltered, and UD cannot wait.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (not to be confused with Lorena Bobbitt) is an American original, a tax-noncompliant, QAnon-slinging, gun-slinging, rumored insurrectionist. Boebert is the embodiment of the Capitol-Trashers: Multiple arrests for violent behavior (to be fair, not all of it was her; some of it was her two big pit bulls), refusal to show up in court, violent hatred of authority, general propensity to violence. Boebert tweeted Nancy Pelosi’s movements during the insurrection.

A glance at Boebert’s impressive rap sheet reveals l’essence de Capitol-Trasher lifestyle: Nasty dustups with hubby when they both get a little, uh, hot under the collar; fights with neighbors; fights with cops; Defiant Oppositional Disorder when people request that she take her guns out of their face. Cap-Trash lifestyle means looking to pick a fight while bombing around in your pickup, Barrett M107s bouncing in the bed, pit bulls howling. That’s our Lauren; and why you wouldn’t want to be her communications director I have no idea but anyway she ain’t got one no more and hon LET. IT. RIP.

January 6th, 2021
The First Martyr for the Trump Cause.

Trump must be thrilled – he actually got to watch one of his fanatics die of a chest wound on the evening news. Talk about Reality TV! A red letter day for our death-delighting (look at all them covid corpses) president.

With any luck, the MAGA contingent that defies the curfew, hits the streets of DC tonight, and starts killing people, will also be something Trump can watch from home.

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