… was the last headline on this blog under the subject heading University of South Florida. At pathetically sports-obsessed, disablingly restless, mentally challenged USF it’s all about hiring and firing coaches… Hire, fire, hire, fire, hire, fire. They fired their last football coach because the head of the board of trustees texted the president from the stadium as a losing game came to an end that he found what he was just forced to undergo “disgusting and unacceptable.”

You pick up on the rage, on the intensity of this, no? … You pick up on the need of this man to talk with medical professionals about why he finds the end of a football game so personally unmanageable that he has to, right away, right away, tell mommy about how it’s all so disgusting. Mommy has to know right now that I’m finding this disgusting! Where’s Mommy. GET MOMMY. It’s like Bloom in this scene from The Producerstake blanky away and he’ll have a meltdown.

This is USF – this is the head of their board of trustees. This is why USF is all about overpaid severances, and buyouts, of dumped coaches – the latest of which is their basketball coach:

[He] received a contract extension in July 2012 and was fired with four years remaining on his deal, leaving USF liable for a $1.5 million buyout payment.

Then there’s the tens of thousands of dollars USF just spent on a search firm to tell them that this guy’s replacement lied on his resume about having graduated from college.

I mean, fine. You’re a university. What’s money for?


UD thanks M, a reader.

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4 Responses to ““Football, the University of South Florida, and Mental Retardation”…”

  1. Sherman Dorn Says:


    If you’re going to slam USF, you need to get the sports right. The “resume-builder” just rejected by USF was a basketball coach, not a football coach.

    For what it’s worth, those of us in academic units here have to verify vitae/resumes the old-fashioned way: we ask for official transcripts. Presumably you do the same at GWU.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Hi Sherman: I’ve re-read the post, and I did correctly identify the guy at issue as a basketball coach. I talked about both football and basketball coaches. Best, Margaret

  3. Sherman Dorn Says:

    Mea culpa — I stand corrected.

  4. theprofessor Says:

    Not only did I have to provide official transcripts for both graduate & undergraduate degrees (3 times, the last being about 10 years ago–they keep losing them), I had to bring in the actual graduate diploma for a functionary to scrutinize.

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