… the scummiest university in America. It isn’t there yet – there’s a good deal of competition from states like Hawaii and Alaska – but UD would be very pleased to see a winner from the mainland for a change, and ASU, as of now, is definitely the front-runner.

What pushed it over the top is its mandatory $150 a year student athletics fee, imposed (no student vote – why do that? – they’d only vote against it) on every student to pay for all the shitty games no one goes to, plus for all the overpaid loser coaches.

Add to this ASU’s mentally challenged regents, its charming student body, and its amazing frats, and you get an institution profoundly symbolic of twenty-first century higher education in America.

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  1. charlie Says:

    What’s astonishing isn’t the deranged administrative priorities, nor the mammoth amount of money allocated to sports, the frats inhabited by idiots. What’s mind bending is that ASU attracts nearly 80,000 people to pony up money to attend a middling institution. Admission policy must be if you have a library card, you’re in….

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