… we must add GlaxoSmithKline, which only this morning has had to – in the words of one headline – “deny systemic corruption.”

Which is awkward. Who wants to have to be all defensive on such a basic matter as that? To have to deny systemic corruption. Heavy.

And this isn’t – like those other outfits I just mentioned – simply a temple to Mammon we’re talking about. This is a benevolent dispenser of surcease to suffering for people all over God’s green earth! GSK has got the whole world in its hand!

WHY stingy doctors refuse to prescribe the number of pills GSK requires to hit its yearly profit mark is the real question. What the hell’s that about, I’d like to know? Take it up with the damn prescribers! It’s not GSK’s fault if it has to bribe physicians all over the globe – all over the globe – to dish out pointless and destructive excess pillage to patients. I’m thinking in terms of conspiracies here… I’m thinking that – in this latest case – some Polish doctors got together and decided to – what?? – use clinical criteria in prescribing medication? And this forced GSK’s hand, making it increase its bribes until the system became too grotesque to ignore…

UD thanks Barney.

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2 Responses to “To such squeaky clean enterprises as SAC Capital, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan Chase…”

  1. Bernard Carroll Says:

    Ah, but the flesh is weak. In the BBC account of this, “One doctor has already admitted guilt, been fined and given a suspended sentence. He said he accepted £100 for a single lecture he never gave, but only under pressure from a GSK drugs rep.

    He told Panorama: “They kept tempting, and I am just a man.”

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    There’s a pill for that.

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