In honor of International Women’s Day…

… read and learn. This is the way ambitious university women are cut down to size – pretty much, in this case, the minute they get to campus – by powerful, institutionally inept men and their, er, micro-aggressions.

UD imagines almost every woman who has gotten anywhere in this country has dealt – verbally or in writing – with this particular condescending Big-Man-to-Small-Girl thing.

In this case, the president of one of America’s shabbiest, most ill-run universities received a letter of complaint from a student. No biggie: She just didn’t have anywhere to liveno housing, because Howard University boasts a long history of global administrative incompetence paired with surly treatment of desperate unhoused students. In response to her reasoned letter, Howard’s president wrote this:

Your tone and tenor is inappropriate.


After which, in a final snippy and princely sentence, he told her he’d copy her letter to the ‘appropriate’ offices at Howard.

So… you’re nineteen years old, just arrived at an expensive college you and your parents can barely afford, and the highest representative of that college has just told your roofless self to fuck off and learn how to address the boss man. How to worry not about a place to live, but that you’ve been insufficiently cringing in your approach to a rich, powerful man’s university-destroying greatness.

What can I say, girlies? Rather than scrutinize pathetically your pathetic humiliated female self, the thing to do is EXACTLY what this woman did: Put your letter and Mr Big’s letter side by side on social media, and watch it all go beautifully viral. Brava.

How UD’s Mother, and her Mentor, Wilhelmina Jashemski, Would have Loved This.

They did more than excavate ancient gardens together; they loved to explore ancient mosaics. This newly discovered site is amazing.

A Desperate Plea for Help from the Learning-Impaired

When Pittsburgh swooped in to snatch a likely-to-be-dismissed Kevin Stallings from an underachieving Vanderbilt basketball program, it raised eyebrows. When he failed to win a single game in ACC play in his second season as the Panthers head coach, it raised fans’ ire. And now that it looks like it will cost the program nearly $10 million just to get rid of him, Stallings is raising one last thing — a question.

Just how incompetent IS the University of Pittsburgh athletic department?

More good news for our side.

Britain’s most senior woman judge has called for tougher rules on compelling women who wear the Muslim veil to show their faces when giving evidence in court.

Baroness Hale of Richmond, the deputy president of the Supreme Court, said “ways have got to be found” to ensure that the Islamic face coverings, such as the niqab, are removed for key parts of a court hearing.

Eventually Britain will join the civilized world and ban the burqa/niqab altogether. These are some of the steps one takes toward it.

‘[A] male student was “showing off” his gun when it discharged, striking the female student. He then accidentally shot himself as he was putting the gun away…’

Lesson: The lad needs access to more guns so that he can work on his handling skills.

Garrett Park Ranked #2: Best Places to Live in Maryland

UD‘s home – not just the place she lives now; the place she was raised – is practically the best place to live in the whole state. Maryland is the nation’s wealthiest state, so competition for best place to live must be pretty fierce…

Of course UD has always been proud of her town (as those of you who have been reading this blog a long time know). She ended up here at the age of nine because her mother, just returned from a year in Mill Hill, a charming British village near London, found in Garrett Park an approximation of what she’d grown to love in England. It didn’t hurt that all of GP’s streets are named after locations in the novels of Walter Scott.

Three rapes, two diseases.

For those keeping count, Tariq Ramadan has so far filed two disease claims in hopes of getting out of jail (MS and neuropathy); three rape claims have so far been filed against him. Expect his lawyers to come up with a third disease (UD suggests early prostate cancer) to even the score.

“[His] habit of wearing his hideous Casio turned so that the face is on the inside of his wrist, the way an infantryman would…”

Fun read on the rectitude-look.

They’re scrambling at Washington’s public universities!

How the fuck do we not comply with this?

Harvard: Keep your $36 billion endowment close and your sexual harassers closer.

Harvard University: Famous for holding tight to its stupendous endowment, and just as famous for holding tight to its sexual harassers.

With ‘National Stop the Bleed Day’ …

coming up, UD remembers her favorite play title.

The drama is by Jorgen Lovberg (originally Lövberg), and it’s one of his most tortured embittered and agonizing works: While We Three Hemorrhage.

When a State ISLAMIC University Bans the Burqa…

… you know there’s hope for that religion.

A big win for our side.

Scathing Online Schoolmarm Solves a Writing Conundrum.

George Washington University’s law school should have bragging rights on this one. One of its graduates has been chosen to handle a lawsuit against the highest-profile person in the world. It’s already a very high-profile suit, and will almost certainly become even more high-profile.

So: GWU press release on its way!


But there’s the question of how to word it.


That’s a bit… sensationalistic. Let’s see…


First, go with her birth name. Use formal titles. Tone down other elements.


Ah. That’s better. Scathing Online Schoolmarm gave her a middle initial because it sounds more respectable, and because it creates an equivalence between her and Donald J.


The GW law grad is a master of the mixed metaphor. SOS has rarely seen such a strong one.

“[A] Supreme Court Justice once said that ‘sunlight is the best disinfectant.’ And we fully intend on bringing as much sunlight to this matter as possible. Let the chips fall where they may.”


The Tariq Ramadan of Indian Country

Ladies, read up and understand the pattern. They’re your literary and/or spiritual heroes, and you go to them for guidance and a blurb for your book of poems and they jump you.

After they succeed or fail at having their way, they threaten your career if you tell anyone.

GRANDFATHER/Father/Son Gunnies!

The post just below is one of several on this blog chronicling the adorable father/son pairs in this country who roll around together at home on top of thick warm layers of illegal loaded guns and explosive devices (see photo). It’s an all-American thing, and chances are you just don’t get it but lookee here – a three-generation human interest story to warm the Glockles of your heart!

Here’s Grandad – the only family member not currently in jail or out on bond awaiting trial – talking to the media about the wonderful world of family weaponry, the way his close-knit clan has used a home environment strewn with hyper-powerful, ready-to-shoot firearms to treat their son’s autism, and the way satanic anti-second amendment forces have invaded the sanctity of their treatment facility/armory.

“It’s not entirely clear how the grandfather of a boy arrested for making threats at the Academy for Sciences and Agriculture in Vadnais Heights is helping the family cause with an interview he’s given,” sneers elitist Minnesota Public Radio about grandaddy’s dark warning that if the gummit don’t leave his people the hell alone, “Fire is coming down from hell.”

From hell, gramps?… What exactly do you mean? Fire from… haha… one of your big ol’ semi-automatics…? … Zat what you’re getting at?

Gramps is pissed: “This has violated our second amendment” right to raise an autistic kid to threaten to shoot up his school with every single one of the loaded guns on his bed.

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