March 21st, 2024
A Proud Graduate of Oral Roberts University!

[W]hen Rep. Michael Cloud (R-TX) had his turn to speak, he presented a big map on an easel which identified Ukraine as Kazakhstan and vice-versa.

March 19th, 2024
Well, they’re YOUR ‘mind-forg’d manacles.’

UD ain’t SUPER sympathetic with ultraorthodox women pulling a Lysistrata because in their sect you don’t get to divorce without your husband’s permission. Without your husband’s permission.

You’re the ones who choose to live in the eighteenth century, ladies, under degrading conditions set for you by morons. No-divorce is just part one. Why don’t you leave.

March 14th, 2024
Of course there are no surprises here. But it’s useful to get empirical confirmation.

Gun laws and regulations are among the most impactful policy factors [in college choice], with 80 percent of students saying these are at least somewhat important in their college choices, and 84 percent of those said they prefer campuses that restrict firearms… Reproductive healthcare policies are [also] a significant consideration, with 71 percent of students citing its importance to their college choice. Of this group, eight in 10 prefer states with fewer restrictions on reproductive healthcare. 

It’ll be interesting to watch enrollment trends in, for instance, Idaho, with utterly unrestricted gun laws and utterly restricted abortion laws. Ob/gyns are fleeing the state as fast as their specula can carry them. Let’s see how many female applicants find that attractive.

March 12th, 2024
“Who smiles when they say the line ‘steeped in the blood of patriots’?”

Jon Stewart weighs in on Katie Britt. But his rhetorical question shows that he just doesn’t get it. The sort of Christians Britt’s addressing smile with all their heart when they sing the words

There is a fountain filled with blood, drawn from Immanuel’s veins.
And sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all their guilty stains.

Anyone who, like UD, sits at her piano and sings through hymnals in which every other song delights in personal salvation through submersion in gobs of blood, knows that exulting when you use phrases like steeped in the blood is the Evangelical order of the day. Britt’s audience represents a decidedly sanguinary sanctuary.


Here’s a variant of the same clueless liberal problem. Paul Krugman thinks he’s mighty clever when he writes

The other day [Trump declared] “I will stop the killing, I will stop the bloodshed, I will end the agony of our people, the plunder of our cities, the sacking of our towns, the violation of our citizens and the conquest of our country.” Which towns and cities, exactly, have been sacked and plundered? Did Attila the Hun swing by for a visit while I wasn’t looking?

Same haha rhetorical question thing as Stewart’s. Same smug shock at over the top bloodiness.

Trump’s people are apocalyptic, guys. Its an ongoing battle between the blood of damnation and the blood of the redeemed. Atttila the Hun didn’t swing by, but Lucifer did.

This language, from Britt and Trump and their preacher, isn’t lurid. It’s descriptive.

March 11th, 2024
’57 members opposed the proposal, with only a handful of members supporting it.’

Bravo, Ben Gurion University, whose faculty said a collective fuck you to Israel’s ridiculous ultraorthodox population and its gender segregating ways.

None of it means much, though, because one of their leaders has just announced that they’ll all pack up and leave the country if the government dares ask them to defend it.

If America would prefer to keep out of the country a large number of riot-prone, bigoted, anti-vax, welfare-cheaters, it might want to pay attention to this developing domestic story.

March 5th, 2024
“[W]e have met the enemy of American Christianity, and it is us.”

Too right, David French.

French, a Christian, focused, in this much-read opinion piece, on “an academic superpower in Christian America,” Liberty University (known to readers of this blog as Libertine University), and its fecalicious Falwellian fiefdom. French noted that, no sooner had the school overthrown the Falwell dynasty, than the Education Dept came after the place for lying about campus crimes, not to mention intimidating students who tried to report them.

Liberty mishandled claims of sex abuse and sex harassment on campus and used its strict code of conduct, the Liberty Way, against victims of sex abuse. If, for example, victims had been drinking or engaged in any other conduct prohibited by Liberty policies, those details in their sex abuse complaints could be used against them in school disciplinary proceedings.

Today we got word of the exact amount Libertine’s gonna have to pay to get out from under its sex/crime/omerta obsession: $14 mill. — “by far the largest [fine] ever levied under the Clery Act, a law that requires colleges and universities that receive federal funding to collect data on campus crime and notify students of threats.”

Of course all of it – Judas David French, the satanic federal government – is a plot against the righteous, and the captain of their soul, Donald Trump.

February 28th, 2024
Blown up, framed photographs of bloody fetuses, the photos mounted on sticks so everyone who drives by can see them, are FAR more…


“Disobedience to God certainly should not be esteemed by society,” commented Ali Khamenei. Er, Texas Right to Life.

February 20th, 2024
Incarnate Word Loses It

Sing it.


O Christ. The Word Incarnate

Fucked up another game.

Their ranking’s at the bottom.

No fans or students came.

But onward Christian soldiers!

Attack the other team!

Show them the Christly beauty

Of Lord and God Supreme.

February 14th, 2024
Holy Health Care Services, Batman!

UD loves the phenom whereby the most bogus, most fraudulent, most stinky clinics and schools give themselves SOOOOPER religious names in an effort, I guess, to throw the government off the scent. Holy Health is scuzzy top to bottom but holy holy holy is their name. Sacred Heart of Jesus Most High Mighty Glorious Pure and Exalted Preparatory School (or whatever) exists solely to sell pretend high school degrees to flunkies whose sports skills have attracted the attention of college recruitment coaches.

But if even UD is on to the con, don’t you think the smarties at the DOJ etc are too? Me, if I were an investigator, I’d START with the holiest of holies.

December 23rd, 2023
ANOTHER instance of plagiarism!

Oh wait. UD‘s mixing up stories.

December 22nd, 2023
You go first.

With each passing day it becomes ever more plausible that we should silence the law professoriate for the good of the nation. Yes I will accept my fate along with the rest.Adrian Vermeule


My Vermeule posts.

December 14th, 2023
Some like to recite the Shema. UD likes to recite this…

… and variations on it.

Giuliani is poised to get hit with a multimillion dollar ruling against him in D.C. over his baseless accusations of election fraud against two poll workers. After that civil trial concludes, he’ll turn around and begin preparing for a criminal trial in Atlanta, where he’s facing many of the same racketeering charges he once wielded as a federal prosecutor against mobsters in New York. And throughout it all, Giuliani has a long list of creditors, from former associates to contractors, who are also hounding him for money. For Giuliani, 2023 will likely end in penniless defeat. But 2024 could be even worse—it could actually end with him in prison... 2021 was the ruining of his professional reputation, with New York and the District of Columbia suspending his law license for spreading lies and his role in the Jan. 6 insurrection. This year exposed his financial ruin. Next year, it could be prison.

V’imru Amen.

December 6th, 2023
A Floridian comments.

“Mrs. Ziegler has not made Florida a better place. She is the face of the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ revolution … and has caused untold harm in our classrooms and in our communities. [Bridget Ziegler’s] role in demonizing members of the LGBTQ community is hurting the state, while she has apparently been a part of the letter B in that group. Bridget, you need to do what is best for the greater good. We live in a free Florida, not an autocratic pseudo-Christian dictatorship.”

December 6th, 2023

Lord Jesus approves of a digit

Inserted inside of Ms Bridget

But for non-Trumpy queers

His judgment’s severe:

Pull that thing away pronto, you idjit

December 5th, 2023
Doms for Libertines Chapter Leaves Organization.

The shtup-positive Zieglers have caused a Pennsylvania chapter of moms for whatever to find another path in life.

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