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Egypt’s Top Public University Bans the Niqab…

… for teaching staff.

… Egypt’s High Administrative Court turned down … appeals against the ban in an irreversible verdict…

The swaddled masses yearning to breathe free are getting lots of good news from around the world lately – burqa and niqab bans proliferate left and right, particularly in the Muslim world. But there’s always a new story from Europe too, as in a Norwegian municipality where no public employee may sport full swaddling. (Norway already has a well-established ban on burqas and niqabs in academic settings.) The debasement and absurdity of total veiling in a world of human interaction is proving increasingly unignorable almost everywhere. No doubt all them adorable ISIS pix helped rivet attention to the garment.

Margaret Soltan, February 1, 2020 5:33AM
Posted in: swaddled masses yearning to breathe free

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