‘McAfee habitually followed a self-destructive pattern of scams, globe-hopping, drug use, gun use, and conspiracy theories involving drug-cartel assassins.”

A life well-lived.

Every sperm is sacred. Every sperm is great. If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate.

Michiganders, vote for Soldano and make sure not one sperm is wasted.

I’m as corny as ISIS in August!

Nice as a bomb on the Fourth of July!

No more a smart little girl with no heart,
I am on a mass-murdering high!

I am in an atrocity dither,
With an atrocity star in my eye.
And you will note there’s a lump in my throat
When I think of that wonderful guy!

I’m as tight and as packed as a suicide belt

A bloodbath just for you.

I’m fanatic and fucked as a loon

And real soon a grenade’s coming due!

I’m as corny as ISIS in August,
Nice as a bomb on the Fourth of July.
If you’ll excuse an expression I use,
I’m in love, I’m in love,
I’m in love, I’m in love,
I’m in love with a wonderful guy!

It’s the old One-Two-Three.

One: Mayor withholds funding (funding which is not his to withhold) from his town’s library until all books with homosexual content are removed.

Two: The story quickly jumps to the national media, including People magazine.

Three: The Mayor is discovered hanging out in a stall in a boys’ bathroom in the town elementary school, waiting for a lad to fellate.


Three hasn’t happened quite yet. Hold on.

It’s like a Jackie Mason joke.

How do Jews disrupt a flight?

Two Israeli passengers caused a plane flying out of New York to turn back and land, as they clashed with cabin crew after allegedly refusing to prove they had tickets to sit in business class seats, Hebrew media reported Friday…

[T]he two passengers in question apparently decided to take advantage of [a half-full plane] and went to sit in the business section.

When flight attendants eventually asked the two to prove they had boarding passes entitling them to the seats, they refused to comply…

UD’s been waiting SOOO long to put this song on her blog.

Thanks, Professor something or other at some school in Idaho. Here goes.

And as further proof of his good character, he’s best friends with…

R. Kelly!

‘He said that what he was actually doing was frantically trying to send an email while having to urgently urinate and the movement on the video was just a function of his discomfort.’

This has a kind of Rose Mary Woodsy feel to UD.

Progressive Policing: Under District Attorney Chesa Boudin, it’s Happening Now in San Francisco!

All wrapped up nice and pretty for the Trumpians to use in the next election.

Chesa might be recalled. Maybe you’d like his retail theft record in your community.


[I]n 2014 [California] classified possession of hard drugs for personal use and the theft of up to $950 of goods as misdemeanor offenses. In the Bay Area, the results have been stark: San Francisco’s overdose deaths rose to 81 per 100,000 people in 2020 from 19 per 100,000 people in 2014.

In the meantime, shoplifting has become endemic, brazen and increasingly well organized, culminating in mobs of looters ransacking stores and terrifying customers in the Bay Area last week. Local shops are closing, neighborhoods are decaying, encampments of drug addicts have proliferated, and streets are befouled by human excrement — a set of failures Michael Shellenberger calls in his thoroughly researched and convincing new book, “San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities,” “the breakdown of civilization on America’s West Coast.”

Morning Star…



Caroline Tait, a Métis professor and medical anthropologist who has worked alongside Bourassa for a decade at the University of Saskatchewan, said she grew suspicious of [Carrie] Bourassa’s story because she initially only claimed to be Métis, but later added Anishinaabe and Tlingit heritage…

Winona Wheeler, an associate professor at the University of Saskatchewan and member of the Fisher River Cree Nation in Manitoba who helped Tait research Bourassa’s genealogy, told CBC that she was disgusted when she witnessed Bourassa’s TEDx speech.

“I was repulsed by how hard she was working to pass herself off as Indigenous,” Wheeler said. “You’ve got no right to tell people that’s who you are in order to gain legitimacy, to get positions, and to get funding. That’s abuse.”


And listen. Now that we know this is a thing, that on a regular basis people are going to be faking minority identities in order to gain advantages, we need to start noting common features of the con.

As a dedicated follower of all sorts of identity frauds, UD has certainly noticed a few characteristic elements, most of them arising from the fact that the sort of person capable of conceiving of, let alone carrying out, such a wacky, brazen, incredibly high-risk act tends to be mentally unstable.

Call their most self-damaging syndrome Fulminating Fraudulence, in which they can’t leave fake enough alone and must always be metastasizing (Anishinaabe, Tlingit…), and always be appearance-embellishing (for that TED talk, Bourrasa practically disappeared under the weight of native drapery).

Recall a GW student’s description of Jessica Krug in the classroom:

[S]he was very adamant that she was from the Bronx — she had a very heavy accent throughout the whole class. She would come in with huge hoops and a nose ring and a crop top and tight, tight cheetah pants. She has a big tattoo on her arm of the socialist symbol [the hammer and sickle]

If she hadn’t been unmasked, Krug would have been twirling Enver Hoxha nipple tassels.

‘The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler asked, “Why would they publish, without analysis, a bunch of stuff that[‘s] already been fact checked as false?”‘

Well, they also published Joseph Epstein attacking a doctorate holder for being called doctor. Editorial decisions at the Wall Street Journal have gotten very mad tea party: “We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”

‘Eastman says the Eastman memo does not accurately represent Eastman’s own views …’

(People [as the old joke goes] tend to avoid me, since I have schizophrenia…

But at least I have each other.)


And stop trying to confuse… uh… me??

Eastman claimed in our first interview that he had “never had any dealings” with Utah senator Mike Lee about matters related to the memo, but [the book] Peril reports that Lee and Eastman did speak in December, and during the conversation Eastman told Lee the memo was forthcoming.

Costa and Woodward report that Lee, after receiving the two-page memo from the White House, told Trump’s lawyers: “You might as well make your case to Queen Elizabeth II. Congress can’t do this. You’re wasting your time.” During our first interview, I asked Eastman if Lee had made such a comment to him, and Eastman replied: “I’ve never had any dealings with Mike Lee about this at all. I don’t know who gave him a copy of the internal memo. To this day, I have not had any conversation with him about in fact whether that was true or not [that Lee received the memo].”

During our second interview, I noted that Costa and Woodward write that in December 2020, “Lee was directed to John Eastman, another Trump lawyer. The two spoke with each other. ‘There’s a memo about to be developed,’ Eastman said. ‘I’ll get it to you as soon as I can.’”

After I read that passage to him, Eastman said: “I did have a conversation with Senator Lee. But I have no record of having given him either of the two memos. We were working on broader things. If I did give him one, it would have been the fuller memo, but I don’t have any record of having done that.”

How does Eastman account for his initial statement to me that he had “never had any dealings with Mike Lee about this at all”?

“I want to be very precise here: I said at the time I did not recall having any conversations with Mike Lee, and I certainly don’t have any record of having given him the memo,” Eastman says. “But now that I’ve seen that quote from — I do recall that Mike Lee called me at one point. I don’t remember the subject of the conversation.”

She has pled guilty to intent to murder.

Doesn’t Mount Holyoke think it’s time to take her faculty page down?


Update: Done.


Yeah I know alarming government intrusion 1984 yes. OTOH, it’s funny.

Shucks. It was just a little something I tossed off…

[Eastman] insisted that his two-page memo, which he said he hastily wrote while on Christmas vacation with his family in Texas, had been taken out of context…



On the first day of Christmas an idea came to me:

A coup to seize the presidency

On the second day of Christmas an idea came to me:

Make Mike Pence lead a coup to seize the presidency

On the third day of Christmas an idea came to me

Crown Trump king, make Mike Pence lead a coup to seize the presidency

On the fourth day of Christmas an idea came to me

Whomp up a mob, crown Trump king, make Mike Pence lead a coup to seize the presidency

On the fifth day of Christmas an idea came to me

He’ll crown me prince! whomp up a mob, crown Trump king, make Mike Pence lead a coup to seize the presidency

On the sixth day of Christmas an idea came to me

NOW I AM GOD!!!! He’ll crown me prince, whomp up a mob, crown Trump king, make Mike Pence lead a coup to seize the presidency

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