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I’m confused. Last year, when asked about crowds shouting “Lock her up” with Trump at his rallies, Lara Trump said it’s all in fun. A Trump rally is a “fun, light atmosphere.” Everyone was just “having fun at a Trump rally.”

So when the highest profile Republican in the house tweets LOCK HER UP after Hillary Clinton calls her a menace to America, she’s just having fun?

Margaret Soltan, January 28, 2021 9:37AM
Posted in: the shame of a nation

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7 Responses to “I’m confused. Last year, when asked about crowds shouting “Lock her up” with Trump at his rallies, Lara Trump said it’s all in fun. A Trump rally is a “fun, light atmosphere.” Everyone was just “having fun at a Trump rally.””

  1. factcheck Says:

    jan 6 is forgotten, mcconnell has fallen back in line, and the old republican party has been replaced.

    welcome to your future.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    factcheck: Only thing to do is fight back. I’ve signed the March for Our Lives petition, am writing non-stop about it on whatever social media I can get my hands on… And lots of high-profile people are speaking out extremely strongly. I don’t think it’s the future – I think the future is hand-to-hand combat with all the anti-democratic forces in this country. There have always been fascists/white supremacists/domestic terrorists in this country. For the most part, they’ve been contained. Now Trump and Jan 6 and MTG have given them a voice. I firmly believe the forces of freedom, humanity, and sanity in this country far outnumber our home-grown hitlerians in Congress and outside of it. But no doubt about it – we’re in for a serious fight.

  3. factcheck Says:

    marching accomplished nothing following the 2016 elections. petitions and social media do even less excepting for the few with large followings.

    trump tapped into the real diseased core of your country. he will dictate the path and his followers from congress on down will continue to do his bidding. call it the qop if you like but they are willing and able to kill and you will always be reacting.

    but, good luck. we will watch what unfolds with interest

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    factcheck: You forget who won our last election, and which party holds majorities in both houses. You forget who won both Senate seats in Georgia, the same state that spawned the obscene thing in question. You’re absolutely right that Trump tapped into something seriously diseased in my country; you’re also right that these assholes are ready to take one of their five million guns and blast me to smithereens. I said in my last comment that all of this describes a fight. It certainly doesn’t come anywhere close to a defeat.

  5. factcheck Says:

    the democratic party lost seats in the house of representatives and is deadlocked in the senate. it is reasonable to expect the few republicans who broke ranks will crawl back just like the one who went to see trump. donors will follow. the trial if it happens won’t even get 55 votes let alone 67. the acquittal will just make trump that much more powerful. you are stuck with him, his family, and the no longer fringe for decades to come.

    again, best of luck.

  6. Margaret Soltan Says:

    factcheck: Well, if the two of us were sitting around together in the non-virtual world, I’d happily bet you mucho dollars (though I guess that’s not your currency) that you are quite wrong. The Trumps, and the sickos they have emboldened, will disappear in a few months. We’ll see which one of us is right.

  7. University Diaries » ‘“You’re going to cause riots in the streets,” [Eric] Herschmann testified telling [John] Eastman, to which he said the attorney responded that there had been “violence in the history of our country to protect the Says:

    […] From Lara Trump’s giggling dismissal of a reporter’s question, long ago, about violent chants at Trump rallies (People are just “having fun.”) to Eric Greitens’ RINO butchery (Like Lara Trump, he says the ad was all in fun.), violence – and now escalating violence – has run through Trumpworld. I think we owe a debt of gratitude to John Eastman for cutting out the all in fun bullshit and simply stating the obvious. Far from disavowing violence, Eastman here schools Herschmann on the excellent history of violence in America. Indeed you can sort of see Eastman shrug and then smile patiently at Herschmann as he explains, in the way of Robespierre explaining things to less bloodthirsty comrades, that you’ve got to break some eggs to make an omelette. […]

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