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So Many Forms of Prostitution…

… at so many universities. One doesn’t know where to start. UD spends much of her time attending to the Big Two: Medical school conflicts of interest, and, of course, big time athletics.

Take a gander at these comments today in the New York Times about March Sadness. See especially the English professor at the end, William C. Dowling.

Margaret Soltan, March 19, 2009 12:19PM
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One Response to “So Many Forms of Prostitution…”

  1. Michael W. McNabb Says:

    Here in Minnesota the state legislature approved $137 million in bonds for a football stadium. Then the president and the Regents of the University of Minnesota made a pledge to raise an additional $150 milion, bringing the total cost, with interest on the bonds, to $330 million. Meanwhile, the academic infrastructure is crumbling because the state legislature has allocated only a fraction of the funds necessary to maintain and renovate the existing academic facilities.

    Here is the solution. Organize the athletic teams as separate corporations. The university would grant a license to the teams to use the name of the university. The fee for the license would be a percentage of the revenues generated by ticket sales, advertising, concessions, parking, TV and radio contracts, etc. Then the sports fans could continue to enjoy their games, and the university could concentrate on academics, its raison d’etre.

    It is time for a systematic effort to remove the deleterious effects of big time college sports on the finances and values of our academic institutions.

    Michael W. McNabb
    Attorney at Law (Minnesota)
    [email protected]

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