UD‘s ten-part series on guns – Professor Meets Gun – in Inside Higher Education.

UD visited the NRA shooting range in Virginia for that series, and, gazing at the shooters, she thought about how easy it would be to kill yourself – or someone else – there. I mean, you go to a building, and someone hands you a gun, gives you a private booth from which to shoot to your heart’s content…

In the wake of a Columbus State University student’s recent gun range suicide, UD again wondered about the popularity of this setting for self-destruction.

The same gun range the CSU student used hosted another suicide just last month.

And says here suicide in gun ranges is not unusual. The article describes a California range that’s had seven suicides in twenty or so years.

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  1. david Says:

    There was a case recently where a mother shot her son in the head at a gun range. The video surveillance captured the whole thing.

    Here in Cobb County Ga. we had a couple commit suicide like this a few years ago.

    I think these gun ranges might be a bit dangerous.

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