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“For the 2008 fiscal year, EWU’s football expenditures of $1,569,278.76 accounted for more than 20 percent of the athletic department’s budget and greatly exceeded revenues directly linked to the program, which were $875,200.”

Good article in the Spokesman Review about the majorly unprofitable football program at Eastern Washington University.

A veteran EWU professor comments:

“There are far more opportunities for students to represent their universities in sports at Central and Western than at Eastern, because they’re competing at a different level.”

Corkill backs his argument by noting his school has axed sports such as baseball, wrestling, swimming, men’s soccer and men’s golf during his tenure, basically for the sake of reducing expenditures.

“And they’ve done it in order to protect football and basketball and the Big Sky Conference,” he said. “I feel, in a way, that football distorts the intercollegiate athletics program at Eastern, and given the huge budget cuts we’re facing, I just think that maybe it’s time to rethink whether we should be in the Big Sky – or if we even need football.”

Margaret Soltan, April 26, 2009 4:44PM
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