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[A]nybody looking for a measure of [Ruth Madoff’s] integrity might do well to take a peek at her cookbook, The Great Chefs of America Cook Kosher. Published in 1996, the book lists Madoff and her friend Idee Schoenheim as executive editors. In truth, however, the work was done in its entirety by Karen MacNeil, a food expert who has been quoted as saying that Madoff “was interested in having her name on something that would allow for some sort of fun.” McNeil is listed as an editor.

In the grand scheme of things, claiming authorship of a ghost-written book is a minor offense, the kind of thing that will get one a window seat in an outer, more pleasant, circle of Hell; certainly, it pales beside the crimes of Ruth’s husband. However, a case could be made that someone who will lie about the small things may be inclined to lie about the big ones, and that someone willing to take credit for another person’s work has exploitative tendencies…

Ruth’s approach to publication has much in common with the approach of thousands of American medical school professors. They too are interested in having their name on something that would allow for some sort of fun.

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One Response to “Not Kosher”

  1. John Shoup Says:

    Just to add insult to injury, she not only didn’t write
    the bloody book, she borrowed our trademark without
    permission. Obtaining the cease & desist order was interesting
    but we got it. Seems the book was published to benefit a
    charity, the same charity her husband stole from.
    Talk about flawed morals!!!

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