Nothing a brain cell or two couldn’t fix.

Ron Prince can teach you, too, how to demand $6.2 million with a 17-20 record…

… The university’s [legal] case [against the football coach] is undermined by the apparent fact that quasi-secret, extra-contractual deals seem to have been the norm for KSU’s top earners: An internal audit released in June found 13 payments totaling $845,000 to [athletic staff] Snyder, Krause and former AD Tim Weiser that had “no supporting documentation” and raised possible conflicts of interests and/or tax issues (a revelation that left Snyder rather nonplussed, as it might a few other coaches around the country as well), adding to Prince’s claim that it was Kansas State’s idea both for him to enter the deal as an LLC rather than an individual party and to effectively keep the agreement off the books.

… With his possible termination looming off a losing season, multiple, sane adults in positions of authority at Kansas State actually agreed to pay Ron Prince an exorbitant salary nearly a full decade into a very uncertain future. And now, by attempting to cover it up, may owe him nearly twice as much in the very near future…

KSU: Dumbest school this side of … anywhere.

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